Abu Dhabi

Test takers in the UAE can now take IELTS — a widely trusted high-stakes English test — on a computer.

With the first computer-delivered test taking place from Friday, test takers can get their results faster (5 – 7 days) and to choose from more test dates, IELTS said in a press release.

The test content and structure remain the same whether taking IELTS on computer or paper. Importantly, the speaking test remains face-to-face with a certified IELTS Examiner.

James Shipton, Head IELTS at the British Council, said, “We are continually enhancing IELTS to improve the experience for our test-takers and stakeholders. IELTS on a computer will deliver significant benefits, offering a choice in delivery and more availability.

“Security of the test is key. The computer-delivered solution we have developed is secure and capable of delivering the world-leading quality assurance measures that IELTS is renowned for,” Shipton said.

Warwick Freeland, Managing Director – IELTS, IDP Education, said the new test experience puts test-takers first by offering more test sessions a week and faster results, while still maintaining the trust, integrity and security that is relied upon by the 10,000 organisations that accept IELTS.

“Whether the test is taken on computer or paper, an IELTS score is an opportunity to proudly demonstrate your English language proficiency to employers, governments and educational institutions,” he said.

IELTS on computer will be available at the IDP Abu Dhabi. British Council and IDP will announce further test centre locations over the coming months.