Aritst Gennaro Troia seen preparng their 3D art works during the 3D Art Dubai Canvas show at City Walk Dubai. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Dubai: 3D masterpieces by local and international artists are leaving visitors amazed and happy at the third Dubai Canvas 3D Art Festival, which kicked off Wednesday.

As artists applied their final touches to their art pieces at the centre of the new City Walk, residents and visitors gathered around the displays to experience the 3D effect and engage directly with some of the artists.

The open-air art gallery features the work of 25 artists from 15 nationalities, who have expressed their ideas of happiness- a theme chosen for this year- each in their own unique way.

The festival, open until March 7, is organised by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO).

Sharon Mudzinge, a resident from Zimbabwe, stood on a blue pedestal in front of one of the 3D works as French artist Laurent Hamelin interacted with her and asked her to cover one of her eyes for a better 3D experience.

His piece shows a big coloured flower being painted by an artist standing on a ladder.

“When you look at the painting, the ladder looks bent, but when I covered my eyes it looked straight. I was amazed by this as I have never seen anything like this before,” said Mudzinge. “I’ve been coming here for the past week and I have been able to watch the progress of the work in front of my eyes.”

Hamelin, known as Milouz, enjoys seeing people’s reaction once they notice the 3D effect in his painting. “I’m trying to break the line between reality and fiction in this piece. The flower is the enjoyment which is planted and growing,” he said. “If they don’t have a camera, I tell them to close one eye to experience the effect of 3D painting.”

Another resident, Dinara Din from Kazakhstan, enjoyed taking photos of her one-year-old baby in a small electric toy car placed alongside the 3D painting.

“This is my first time to visit the area with my husband and child, and I didn’t expect to see anything like this. There are some amazing ideas that have been turned into 3D art,” she said.

Nearby Italian artist Tony Cuboliquido was finishing up his masterpiece, which carried ideas of positive energy and how it contributes to happiness.

“Dubai has invested a lot in happiness, and I wanted to put that idea into my 3D work, which includes happy children from different cultures, a soap bubble, and wind moving everything around,” he said.

American artist Nate Baranowski was also on-site putting his final touches to his work showing a flying hot-air balloon.

“My piece represents happiness because I think of happiness as the abstract concept of being able to float above difficulties and the exhilaration of a different point of view. With 3D effect people will be able to go inside of the hot-air balloon and from there they can look like you’re flying above the countryside.”

He said visitors have been friendly and excited about the art. “They are enjoying the idea of getting into the art. Many people are also enjoying what they are seeing so far from artists from around the world.”

The works of the 25 artists are shortlisted for the Dubai Canvas 3D Art Award, the world’s first award that recognises excellence in 3D art.

In addition to the art displays, leading international 3D artists and UAE-based art organisations will hold free workshops that teach art skills to the public. The workshops are part of Brand Dubai’s effort to take art closer to the local community.

The Shaikha Manal’s Little Artist Programme is holding two workshops on March 2 and 3 between 7pm to 8pm at the City Walk II. The workshops are tailor-made for children between 5 to 11 years and will introduce them to the basics of 3D art with activities like 3D hat making and pendulum-effect drawing



What: Dubai Canvas 3D Art Festival

When: March 1 to 7

Where: City Walk II