Lini Sajeesh's husband and their two little ones. Image Credit: Courtesy: Manorama Online

Abu Dhabi: Two UAE-based women have come forward to sponsor the education of the children of the Indian nurse who died of Nipah virus in Kerala.

Lini Sajeesh, a nursing assistant who took care of patients infected with Nipah virus in Kozhikode district, died of the same infection. She left behind her young sons – Sidharth, five, and Rithul, two –with her husband Sajeesh, Indian media reported.

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Abu Dhabi residents Santhi Promoth and Jyothy Palat, the executive directors of Avitis Institute of Medical Sciences in Palakkad district of Kerala, have contacted Lini’s family offering financial support for her children’s future education. The women hailing from the south Indian state told Gulf News they were moved after reading the story of Lini who sacrificed her life for her profession.

“We are also working in healthcare sector. We know how big the contribution of nurses is,” said Santhi.

Lini’s last letter to her husband who lives in Bahrain, in which she expressed her fears that she would die before meeting him and requested him to take the children with him, had gone viral.

Jyothy said their institute would sponsor Lini’s sons’ education till they finish post- graduation or any professional courses which they may choose.

“We will bear all the educational expenses needed for their studies wherever they get admission.”

Lini’s family has already been informed about the gesture and they would be given a formal document to show the commitment of the institute in this regard, the philanthropic women said.