The Smash Room is a unique venue offering the opportunity to let go of pent-up stress and frustration while having lots of fun Image Credit: Supplied

The Smash Room announced in a press release that the unique entertainment venue has opened a brand-new location in Abu Dhabi. The branch is open to visitors daily, starting July. 

The Smash Room Abu Dhabi boasts an immersive environment that is designed to provide guests a comfortable and safe space to release their pent-up frustrations or stress. The interiors feature vibrant pops of colour and graffiti art, where every room is instilled with sound insulation, giving customers the complete freedom and satisfaction to scream or yell while destroying a range of fragile items, washing machines, printers and more.

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The Smash Room Abu Dhabi is also launching its very own “The Smash Room Café” at its new branch. Customers are promised to be kept entertained and refreshed with the latest Arcade Games installed at the new venue.

Whether it’s a team building exercise with colleagues to relieve stress, an adventurous day out with friends or a fun-filled family outing session to keep the adrenaline flowing, The Smash Room is an exhilarating concept that uniquely combines entertainment with therapy and offers a variety of packages for every crowd.

Location: Nahil Building in Al Rawdah Street W58, Abu Dhabi, Timings: Every day of the week from 12 noon to 11pm