Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in the Eid 2012 release Ek Tha Tiger. Image Credit:

Wanted excited me, Dabangg entertained me, Ready made me laugh, Bodyguard confused me. Ek Tha Tiger? It tried to roar at me.

Salman Khan teams up with Kabir Khan in an extravagant Yash Raj Films production that is shot in exotic locales including Istanbul, Havana and Dublin.

The movie is about a romance between two agents -- Tiger (Salman Khan), who works for India’s RAW; and Zoya (Katrina Kaif), who works for Pakistan’s ISI.

Packed with action, romance, Khan’s signature dialogues, catchy tunes and the beauty of Kaif and slight romance, Sallu fans will be enthralled despite the screenplay being weak.

Kabir Khan, whose earlier offerings include Kabul Express and New York, seems to have written a script reminiscent of Mr and Mrs Smith – but with action sequences that are far from slick.

The camerawork is outright bad, with the body doubles’ faces very visible during the action scenes. Kaif, who has tried her hand at the stunts, is, however, fairly convincing.

Though the pace could have been faster, it is a delight to watch Khan and Kaif together, resulting in a great Eid offering for Sallu fans.