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As we go deeper into the Dubai Food Festival, the next event on the agenda beckons: Taste of Dubai! The stomach expanding event returns March 7 to 9 at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. More than two dozen cuisines will be available to those with an appetite — and some cash to spare. Yousra Zaki, our Features Editor for web, chooses the top 10 dishes that you can’t miss at Taste of Dubai this year.

The items on this list are in no particular order.

1. Calamares Fritos

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As a big fan of calamari, this had to be on the list of dishes to try. This deep fried calamari is served with alioli sauce.

Where can you get it? Seville’s, a Spanish restaurant.

2. The truffle cheese wheel pasta

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Videos of pasta being made in a giant wheel of cheese have been all over our Instagram for the past two years. It’s still fun to look at and of course what is better than melted cheese in your pasta? You can have three different options of this dish. The pasta comes with prawns, with a creamy truffle sauce spun in an aged Parmesan cheese wheel.

Where can you get it? Gia, the Italian restaurant.

3. Korean BBQ lamb chop

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Korean BBQ is massively growing in popularity here in the UAE. This one is a made with spice-marinated grilled lamb chops and topped with pickled cucumber.

Where can you get it? Wakame, the pan Asian spot.

4. Black cod yuzu miso

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Black cod is my absolute favourite fish of all time. It is one of those types of fish that absorbs the flavours of the marinade that it’s in and yuzu miso is sweet and flavourful when grilled or charred. Nobu basically invented the miso black cod, so you are going straight to the source to try his famous fish.

Where can you get it? Why, Nobu of course.

5. Fried chicken and waffles

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This is one of my most favourite guilty pleasures. Growing up I thought I was the only one who wanted to combine my main and dessert. The crispy, fried chicken is marinated in spicy buttermilk topped with red chilli, tamarind, Thai herbs and chilli caramel sauce. What an epic combo.

Where can you get it? MasterChef, the TV Experience.

6. Beef slider

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There’s no such thing as a food festival without some kind of burger or slider involved. Make sure you try this beef slider with a side of hand-cooked chips.

Where can you get it? Dean and Deluca.

7. Chilli rubbed wings

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Although a little messy to eat, these smoky sticky wings are a must have at Taste of Dubai. You can choose from sweet and mildly spicy chicken wings served with ranch dressing.

Where can you get it? The Blacksmith Smokehouse.

8. Halloumi fries

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Cheese is always a good idea. Try the halloumi fries at this Greek spot as a small snack as you walk around enjoying the entertainment.

Where can you get it? GO! Greek.

9. Steak frites

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Although it is considered one of the national dishes of Belgium, the French have adopted this as their ‘thing’. You can get your hands on steak with a side of thin cut fries at Taste of Dubai.

Where can you get it? Couqley French Bistro and Bar.

10. English trifle for dessert

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Have a sweet and Instagrammable dessert, by ordering this traditional British dessert, or ‘pudding’ as they like to call it. It’s made with fruit, a thin layer of sponge fingers and custard.

Where can you get it? Bread Street Kitchen.


Don’t miss it!

Taste of Dubai runs from March 7 to 9 at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. Standard tickets start from Dh95 and VIP tickets start from Dh285. More on