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‘Phantom of the Opera’ has added five shows to its Dubai Opera run due to high demand. The show will run between October 16-November 9, marking its UAE debut.

The production will involve 130 cast, crew and orchestra members. South African talent Jonathon Roxmouth takes the lead as Phantom, while his love interest Christine Daae is portrayed by Claire Lyon.

“We are proud to have brought theatrical productions to 40 countries globally, but there are few destinations in which the debut of a musical theatre classic has been so enthusiastically received as Dubai,” said Liz Koops, the chief executive officer of Broadway Entertainment Group.

“We are thrilled to announce yet another extension to ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, giving fans across the region the chance to experience one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most famous and stirring musicals in the modern bright lights of Dubai for an even longer period of time.”

The show is Broadway’s longest-running musical, having premiered in 1986.

Based on a French novel published in 1910, the production tells the story of a disfigured man who haunts the Paris Opera House, only to become infatuated with a singer named Christine.

Tickets are now on sale online, starting from Dh250.