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Onam festivities are never truly complete without the sadhya feast or Onasadhya, as it’s called. This harvest festival is celebrated with a feast for the senses, served on a traditional banana leaf.

We don’t lie when we call it a feast — considering a minimum of 24 items are usually offered in one serving, with staples such as avial (coconut-based vegetable curry), puliserry (buttermilk and cucumber curry), kootu curry (black chickpeas curry), sambar (lentil stew), rasam (tamarind and tomato broth) and payasam (pudding), rounding off a ‘simple’ meal.

The Onasadhya is traditionally served on the 10th day of Onam (September 11 this year). Here, in the UAE though, keeping the weekend in mind, the feast will be served until September 14 at some outlets. Gulf News tabloid! puts together our top picks.


The popular eatery at Dubai Grand Hotel is serving 25 dishes, including all the favourites until September 13, between 11am and 4pm. On Friday, there will be a special sadhya buffet with two non-vegetarian dishes as well. Reservations are accepted.

Details: The sadhya is priced at Dh50 for dine-in and Dh53 for takeaway.

Nadumuttam Restaurant

Tucked away behind Park Regis Hotel, Al Karama, feast on payasam, avial, puliserry, kootu curry, sambar, rasam and more at this hidden gem. Sadhya meal is offered on September 11 and 13.

Thakkaaram Restaurant

This hidden gem tucked away in Garhoud brings back the nostalgia of Onam celebrations back home. Located near Aviation Club, the Onasadhya feast can be enjoyed on September 11 (noon until 3.30pm) and 13 (1pm until 3.30pm).

Details: Indulge in delicious kootu and sambhar with 31 items on the menu, priced at Dh35 for dine-in and the same for takeaway.

Calicut Notebook

Found in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, this Kochi-based restaurant chain has many a fan for its delicious, flavourful meals. For Onasadhya this year, Calicut Notebook is offering 27 items on the menu. Aside from dine-in, they also offer takeaway (pickup only) and bulk orders for Onam.

Details: The Onasadhya will only be offered on September 11, between 12.30pm and 4pm, priced at Dh35.

Adaminde Chaya Kada

This Al Qusais restaurant has become a staff favourite with its Onasadhya meal, offering 35 items on the lunch menu, including 10 types of payasam. We are sold.

Details: Sadhya will be served on September 11 and 12, between noon and 3pm, priced at Dh32 for dine-in and Dh35 for takeaway.

Tamarind Terrace

If you fancy indulging in treats this Onam, check out Tamarind Terrace’s sadhya with 29 dishes that will bring back nostalgic memories of the harvest festival.

Details: Sadhya will be served on September 11, priced at Dh32 for dining in and Dh35 for takeaway. There are outlets in Karama and Al Nahda.

Curry Chatti

This grand Onasadhya feast includes 30 dishes, served on a traditional banana leaf. We are particularly excited about sampling the avial (mixed veg curry) on the menu.

Details: The sadhya feast, which will be served on September 11 between 11am and 3pm, is priced at Dh30 and Dh31.50 for takeaway. There also two payasams on offer, with a 1 litre order costing Dh25. Outlets in Dubai and Ajman.

Cocko House

Tucked away in Karama’s Al Wasl Hub, the ever popular Cocko House is serving its Onasadhya on September 11, with a delivery option as well between noon and 4pm.

Details: Sample its 27 items, priced at Dh27 for dine-in and Dh29 for takeaway.

Kerala Castle

With 28 dishes spread out in a feast, this Al Nahda must-try eatery has all the usual suspects, including kootu curry, sambar, rasam and two kinds of payasam.

Details: It is priced at Dh32 for dine-in and Dh32 for takeaway. The September 11 feast begins around noon.

Malabar Express

The feast, serving up to 26 items on the menu, will be served at this quirky restaurant in Karama on September 10 and 11.

Details: From noon on September 10 and from 11.30am on September 11, you can indulge in the feast until 4pm at Dh30 for dine-in or takeaway. Delivery available to limited areas.

Mami’s Illam

Not everything is tucked away in Karama. This popular Discovery Gardens vegetarian eatery has been serving its Onam feast for over three years with 30 items on the menu.

Details: From September 10 to 13, priced at Dh33. Prices differ for takeaway and delivery. Feasting starts around noon.

Uppum Mulakum/Golden Fork/Lazeez

The immensely popular Uppam Mulakam restaurant in Karama, along with its Golden Fork Restaurant in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah and Lazeez in Abu Dhabi, will serve Onasadhya between September 11 and 14.

Details: The sadhya feast will start at 11am and continue until 4pm, priced at Dh33 for 27 items plus three types of payasam.


Tucked away in Al Qusais, this restaurant is dedicated to home-cooked meals by your mother. the Onasadhya is serving up 33 items, priced at Dh33 for dine-in and Dh35 for takeaway.

Details: Sadhya will be served on September 11, 13 and 14, from noon.

Calicut Paragon

Is any sadhya feast complete without a mention of Calicut Paragon? Attempt to feast on the 26 items that will be served between 11.30am and 4pm on September 11.

Details: Priced at Dh35 for dine-in and Dh37 for takeaway. Sorry, but delivery is not an option.


Sadhya takes flight

Emirates is celebrating the festival until September 13, serving authentic Onam dishes across all cabin classes on all flights to and from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Tuck into traditional appetisers such as kaya varuthathu or crisp banana chips, sharkara upperi, banana roasted in jaggery, and kondatta mulaku — fried sun-dried chilies steeped in yoghurt.

Dips include kaalan made of coconut, fresh yoghurt and yam, cucumber pachadi, a garnished salad, and puli inji, a sweet and tangy ginger-based chutney.

First and Business Class passengers will also be served Kerala-style pappadam and mango pickle.

Those travelling from Dubai to Kerala in economy class can pick one of two main courses: Alleppey chicken curry or sambar and kootu, both paired with thoran (dry grated vegetables and coconut) and rice. Also indulge in payasam. First Class customers have one more main course option: mutton pepper fry.

Emirates flies twice daily to Kochi and 11 times weekly to Thiruvananthapuram.