Enchong Dee Image Credit: Screengrab

Filipino stars Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales and Matteo Guidicelli are pulling off a surprise for fans during their Dubai for the Global Pinoy Idol event on Friday, September 7, at the Crowne Plaza Dubai.

The Global Pinoy Idol event, as it happened:

“I am busy promoting my new travel book,” says Dee in an earlier interview with Gulf News tabloid! via email. 

'Budgetarian' traveller

The 29-year-old swimmer and actor has been dubbed a “budgetarian” traveller as he has been documenting his frugal ways of travelling.

Dee, who starred in the recently concluded soap opera The Blood Sisters, where he played one of the leading men opposite actress Erich Gonzales, has launched a new book Basta Trip Mo, which offers travel tips, especially to those who travel on a tight budget.

“My book focuses on travelling on a budget,” he says. “I guess what I really want to highlight is the fact that there are so many ways to enjoy travelling with your family and friends.

“I’ve shared my personal tips on how to travel within 30,000 pesos [Dh2,000] or less. Because you see, travelling nowadays is not exclusive to the privileged. And since travelling is also educational, I want more people to experience it, especially going abroad even on a shoestring budget,” Dee adds.

Erich Gonzales

Dee is joined by Gonzales and Matteo Guidicelli at the Global Pinoy Idol event, which he said will be packed with high-octane performances.

Interactions with fans

“We have prepared productions numbers that they will surely love. We also have production numbers and fun interactions,” shares Dee, adding that he will also be promoting his album during the event.

Matteo Guidicelli

Dee, who is one of the regular hosts and performers in the Sunday variety show ASAP, says he is now working on a new film.

“I’m still doing ASAP every Sunday. I also have an upcoming movie with Janine Gutierrez under Regal films,” he says.

Dee and Gonzales were an onscreen love team from 2009 to 2012 in successful shows such as Katorse, Tanging Yaman, Magkaribal and Maria la del Barrio. The two reunited onscreen with the shows The Blood Sisters, which concluded last month.

Filipino-Italian Guidicelli is an actor, athlete and singer whose four-year relationship with pop star royalty Sarah Geronimo has been the subject of much speculation.

Here are excerpts from the interview with Dee.


What makes a Filipino a Global Pinoy Idol?

Filipinos are family-centred. We give support by sending money to sustain their needs, and that makes us an idol. We value our family and the welfare of our loved ones in the country so much so that we’re willing to work abroad even if it means spending years away from them.


Aside from being an artist, you also have your own business. What advice can you give to OFWs [overseas Filipino workers] on how to invest their money wisely?

Now is the perfect time to invest in the Philippines. We have a very strong working middle class that enjoys food, travelling to different islands and enjoying outdoor activities. There are big investment opportunities outside Metro Manila.


You are a fitness buff. Can you share some simple tips on how to stay fit and healthy for people with a busy schedule?

I always say and advice people to ‘move more than what you eat’. Trust me, it’s all you need.


What do you hate and love about your journey as an artist?

I love making people happy and making them part of my journey. I guess the only setback that I’m still experiencing in this business is the fact that I lose a lot of sleep because I work every day.


The details

Global Pinoy event will run from 11am until 7pm where consular services will also be provided for Pag-ibig and SSS membership and registration. There will also be exhibitions and entrepreneurial booths and panel discussions on financial literacy, marriage, career and legal matters. The event is open to the public, while limited tickets are available for those who want a photo-op with the guest celebrities. Ticket price is Dh55 and can be purchased online.