Lighthearted where the majority of other films at the Dubai International Film Festival 2015 are quite serious or dark, Before the Summer Crowds in particular stood out to me, and it’s worth the time and money.

One of Egypt’s most prominent directors, Mohammad Khan, brings us a story of a pre-summer voyage to the Egyptian coast. Filled with love, laughs and frustrations, the film is timeless and extremely enjoyable to watch. Khan is what you could consider a regular at the Dubai International Film festival, after his last film, Factory Girl, was screened at DIFF in 2013.

Before the Summer Crowds is based around the story of the main female character, Hala, an attractive, recently divorced mother played brilliantly by Hana Shiha, who visits her beach home for a secret rendezvous with her lover Hesham (Hany El Metennawy). While there, she catches the eye of Dr Yehia Elkady, (Majid Al Kedwany) and his overweight and comedic wife Magda, played by Lana Mushtaq. As the plot thickens and their lives begin to intertwine, the characters and storyline develops, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

I deeply enjoy watching films in languages I don’t necessarily understand. Although I have lived in the UAE for many years, my understanding of Arabic is slim and had it not been for the English subtitles my ability to follow the film would be limited. However this had no bearing on my enjoyment of the movie itself. The storyline was so relatable, not only to the people of Egypt or limited to only Arabic speakers. It was a story that could happen anywhere and to anyone.

If you are looking for a bright, vivacious film to watch this week, look no further, Before the Summer Crowds has got you covered. It is not one to miss.

Don’t miss it

Before the Summer Crowds screens at VOX MOE on December 14 at 7.15pm. Only stand-by-tickets are available; check from 8am on the day of the screening.

— Danielle van Jaarsveld is a film and journalism enthusiast currently studying Film Production in Dubai.