Dalgona Coffee
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Dubai: With a lot of people self-isolating or quarantining themselves during the spread of COVID-19, so the only thing left to do is spend more time in the kitchen upgrading your usual recipes.

This frothy DIY coffee drink is a cheap and cheerful viral trend that everyone these days seems to be whipping up at home. The frothy, light as air drink is known as Dalgona coffee. The latest Instagram food trend is meant to be made at home and shared online, which might be why you are seeing it all over social media.

Why the obsession?

Well, first of all coffee. Second of all, it looks beautiful and in this day and age if something is instagrammable, well then you put it on your gram and it catches fire. Third of all, it's a bit of a treat. Having a cup of coffee that feels like silky moose. What's not to love?

This coffee drink is very easy to make and takes just four ingredients - and a little bit of arm strength. What you get as a result is a textured coffee, kind of like the consistency of a silky milkshake.

Also with a little more time on people's hands, the focus on social media has been lots and lots of new recipes. 

How to make it

The ingredients

-2 tbsp instant coffee

-2 tbsp sugar

-2 tbsp hot water

-Milk of your choice


1. Add the coffee, sugar and hot water together in a small bowl.

2. Whisk it by hand or on a high speed mixer (for more fluffiness) until it thickens and peaks are formed. 

3. Grab your milk and heat it up. Then add one or two scoops of the coffee mixture on the surface of your milk.

That's it!

It's pretty straightforward and has actually been around for a while, but only recently started picking up in trendiness. Looks like this is another one of those trendy "Quarantine foods" that people like to make at home, now that they have time.