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What has man understood of homeopathy? It’s a mixture of information from Google or some messages narrated by relatives or friends. If we dissect this misinformation, we find that they are spread by people who are not authorised or trained under homeopathy. Others say it is a medical system that can bring about miraculous cure where there was no hope in other systems. Basically, its findings rest on positive clinical practice effects. It is recognised by WHO as the second-most-used system in the world. It was founded by the allopathic German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann in the year 1700. Based on the premise that the body can cure itself, homeopathy involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, with the aim of triggering the body’s natural system of healing. For example, a person gets a cut and leaves it without any treatment. Does it heal or not? Yes it does, because of the body’s healing mechanism.

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Homeopathic medicines have no addiction or habit formation, with the results being long-lasting. The medicines are made from plants, minerals and animal by-products and usually come in the form of pills. The carrier is sugar of milk made of goat’s milk. There are ointments, gels, drops, creams and tablets. The treatment is customised to every individual and addresses unique features and takes into account the patient’s mental and physical symptoms. The physician treats using a holistic approach to relieve the patient from the root level. It is not superficial and attends to the genetic tendency too. Homeopathy medicine is safe, gentle, natural, and easy to consume and has minimal side effects, and caters to all age groups. The earlier the patient reaches the doctor, the lesser the time homeopathy takes to cure. Disease chronicity can be misinterpreted as slow recovery. Diagnosis and investigation are crucial. Medicines can be consumed with allopathic medicines if it doesn’t cause any hindrance.

Before being prejudiced always consult a well qualified, licensed, skilled homeopathic doctor. Experience the benefits to your body and draw an opinion. Feel the difference!

Dr Nadia Abdul Rafeek, Ahalia hospital, Abu Dhabi 054 386 5907 LinkedIn: dr-nadia-abdul-rafeek