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In a recent exercise initiated by the institution, Westford University College explored the key factors that students aspiring to pursue quality higher education sought at the time of choosing an educational institution for their academic progression. The findings have been quite revealing.

Accredited international qualification

First and foremost, students as well as the industry requirement is that of the credibility of the education being received. Whether the institution is successful in imparting quality education and has the required accreditations that can support the growth of students, is a factor of utmost importance.

Westford is a transnational partner of 12+ international universities and educational institutions, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, foundation and vocational programmes. In over 10 plus years of service, Westford has been an integral part of the educational journeys of 10,000+ students belonging to 130+ nationalities. This has helped Westford create a multicultural environment that replicates present-day workplaces. As a result, Westford has been awarded with the title of BTEC International Institution of the Year Silver Award by Pearson, UK, among various other recognitions and accolades.


A significant aspect of higher education is that it must be affordable. For us at Westford its important that everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to receive higher education. Westford was built on this very ideology, to make high quality education affordable and accessible. Hence, our focus is to give our students the best learning experience and support in their success journey. We achieve these goals by pricing the programs rightly and making it more affordable through easy payment plans, scholarships and more.


With the present-day lifestyle where a high percentage of the student population also opts to kickstart their careers at a young age, the new-age mantra to be followed is Work-Life-Study balance. A flexible education with options to choose class schedules and platforms is not just an option anymore. It is rather a key requirement.

Westford assures that its students strive to attain the desired work-life-study balance by incorporating the following:

- Flexible class schedules, by introducing evening and weekend classes.

- An option for pursing degree programmes through blended learning, which is an amalgamation of online and classroom course delivery. This means students can study anytime and from anywhere.

- Assignment-based module grading, which means that many of the courses offered by Westford do not require students to clear written examinations. Students are often graded on assignments at their pace, with deadlines being informed to them well in advance.

Apart from offering accredited programmes at an affordable fee, and with a flexible academic structure, Westford also offers its students the opportunity to complete the final year of their undergraduate degrees in the UK with its partner universities. Students can also attend their graduation in the UK. This is over and above the opportunity to receive a WES approved degree and have the exposure to study in a multicultural setting.


Westford has expanded over the years. It now has 2 campuses in Sharjah, with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The classrooms are designed for maximum engagement and interaction. Moreover, the campuses feature a fashion studio, indoor football and cricket nets, a computer lab, two auditoriums and two recreational rooms.

These campuses accommodate up to 900 students.

Given that the institution also offers an option to applicants to pursue their higher education via a blended learning pedagogical approach, students are free to access the course material that has been made available online. Additionally, students are also required to submit their assignments online and are also granted access to a plethora of academic journals, research papers, books, newspapers and other academic archives.

Westford is more accessible than ever before. Our success in Westford University College has resulted in the establishment of Westford’s online division called Westford Uni Online, which supports the motto, Study anytime anywhere, with a healthy work-life-study balance. Our vision is to be an institution that offers affordable and quality education to learning aspirants across the globe.

Westford Uni Online is a synchronous learning platform that offers blended programmes to make learning efficient, engaging and enriching. The pedagogical approach includes a combination of live, online, interactive sessions and a self-study approach via pre-recorded classes with exceptional faculty and administrative support.


Education with Westford just doesn’t stop at imparting academic knowledge, the institution believes in offering its students a 360 degree of higher education experience that includes various extracurricular activities such as industry visits, public speaking platforms and workshops led by corporate leaders, that equip Westfordians with the necessary skills required to thrive in their workplace.

The future of higher education relies on the ability of institutions to become more adaptable, flexible and agile. Employability and creating a future-ready workforce is at the epicentre of Westford’s practices. The institution strives to bridge the gap between academia and industry requirements. Its approach to higher education has led to achieving a 98 per cent student success rate. The institution makes constant efforts to offer students an immersive, 360-degree student-life experience. It goes above and beyond to organise workshops and industry visits.

More than a degree

The students’ degree and their passion need not be different. Students can now match their chosen degree with their main areas of interest. Unlike other university degrees, students at Westford receive more than just one degree.

The Westford bachelor’s qualification is a unique programme offering – One Degree with 4 Certifications.

1. Bachloers Programs from the various UK universities

2. HND in respective programmes, Pearson, UK

3. Certified Team Leader, CMI, UK

4. Professional Diploma in career Development & Business Etiquette, CIQ, UK

Addressing the demands of the corporate world, Westford offers contemporary Degree Programs offering International Business, Data Analytics, Computing, Sports Business, Media Culture and Communications and business psychology. Some of the most in-demand programmes that Westford has to offer are BA (Hons) in Business with Analytics, BSc in Business with specialisations in International Business; Digital Marketing; and Finance, BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication, BA (Hons) in Sports, BSc (Hons) in Psychology with HRM and BSc (Hons) in Computer Science amongst many others.

Triple Crown MBA!

The MBA aspirants are offered a Triple Crown MBA, which focusses on professional practitioner certificate from CMI – Chartered Management Institute, UK apart from academic qualifications that come from reputed universities in the UK and Spain. The MBA students have

The MBA portfolios have been expanded with recent collaborations and multiple specialisations have been offered. Apart from general management specialisations with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, Abertay University and University of Gloucestershire, UK, International MBA specialisation with Canterbury Christ Church University, UK and over 15 unique, globally renowned specialisations have been offered with UCAM, Spain and Girne American University, Cyprus. Apart from the MBA degree, the students are also eligible for dual certifications from Scottish Qualification Authority and Pearson, UK.

Westford has an international status for delivering excellence. Westford prides itself in having a strong student – faculty relationship. It nurtures an environment of lifelong learning, teaching, research, and discovery. We build our brand by aiming to make our students corporate ready.

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