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The University of Dubai (UD) is proud to announce that it is ranked #6 globally on the International Faculty Indicator index in the QS World University Rankings for the year 2023.The International Faculty Index is the strongest indicator for the University of Dubai which has been placed among the top 57 per cent performing universities in the QS World University Rankings.

The International Faculty Index is based on the proportion of faculty members that are international. It is a proxy measure for how internationally attractive the University is for academic staff.

Based on the QS World Ranking 2023, the University is ranked #159 on the International Students Index with an overall world rank of 801-1000.

UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki said: “For the first time ever, the University has been included in the QS world university rankings.” He congratulated UD staff and faculty members for their efforts in maintaining international education standards. “We believe that academic research and quality education are key to our progress and success,” he said. He added that in light of the rapidly-growing competitive markets and on-going digital transformation, it is the University’s responsibility to encourage intellectual vitality, creativity, and innovation among students.

The University of Dubai has become home to multi-talented students, distinguished staff and world-class faculty members with diverse multicultural backgrounds. It has developed a well-established educational platform for research opportunities through its advanced campus resources, laboratories and centres.

From local conferences and seminars to international summits, the University of Dubai has played an integral role in fostering connections, promoting youth empowerment and building a liaison between the professional and the academic communities.

The University of Dubai offers an extraordinary variety of business, law, engineering and IT programs that aim to educate and raise entrepreneurs and leaders of the future. It also provides financial funds and up to 100 per cent scholarships.

The University of Dubai was established in 1997 by the Dubai Chamber with the strategic goal to establish an academic higher education institution that will serve the business community in delivering high quality educational programs for human capital development and undertake research and consultancy for businesses in Dubai/UAE.

Licensed nationally by the Ministry of Education, the University of Dubai is an accredited University based in the United Arab Emirates. It is the first private University in Dubai to hold the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) international accreditation in 2009 and the first private University in the UAE to hold the ABET-CAC accreditation for its Computing and Information Systems (BS) program in 2006. Its programs are aligned with international professional certification bodies such as Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)-UK, which awards BBA HRM and MBA Leadership & HRM graduates with level 5 and 7 certifications. Similarly, the curriculum is aligned with Islamic Economy, Smart City, Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiatives of the government with IBM partnership.