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Following the UAE’s heaviest rainfall on Tuesday, which resulted in waterlogging and damage to vehicles and properties across the country, concerns have emerged regarding insurance coverage for these losses. Ashmy Arackal, Head of Claims at, sheds light on how insurance claims will be evaluated and processed in this scenario as we strive to return to normalcy.

Can you explain the process for filing a claim for rain damage to vehicles and properties in the UAE?

To make a claim for rain damage, you must obtain a police report. In Dubai, you can easily get it by applying for a ‘To whom it may concern’ (TWIMC) certificate on the Dubai Police app. You also need copies of vehicle registration card and driving licence. Insurance companies may also require policyholders to submit spot photos to allow insurance surveyors to assess the extent of damage based on the level of water the vehicle was submerged in. Policyholders may also have to fill a claim form describing the circumstances of the water damage to identify if the vehicle was stationary or driven at the time of the incident.

Ashmy Arackal, Head of Claims at

Do insurance companies typically cover all damages caused by heavy rains and waterlogging, or are there limitations to coverage?

Anyone with a comprehensive car insurance coverage is typically eligible to claim for damages caused by flooding. This type of insurance is designed to cover all kinds of accidental damages, including water damage. It’s essential for policyholders to check their individual policies as coverage can vary.

How long does it usually take for insurance companies to process and disburse funds for rain damage incidents?

Depending on the severity of damage, and availability of parts, insurers can take 10 working days. However, sometimes they may take more time depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Generally, vehicles declared as total loss can take two to three weeks before claim is settled. Given a surge in claims volume, insurers may take longer to settle or disburse funds for water damage.

Finally, please share details on the various types of insurance coverage available in the UAE for protection against rain damage to properties?

For personal properties like homes — owned or rented — we offer home insurance to cover losses caused by rain. Owners can cover the cost of restoring or reconstructing the property and all contents whereas tenants can cover their contents and personal belongings.

For both, home insurance policies also offer coverage for the costs of alternative accommodation, replacement of personal documents, spoilage of food in deep freezers and many more at a very nominal cost.

For commercial properties such as buildings, factories, and warehouses, insurers offer coverage for property damage caused by various sudden unforeseeable events. In addition to covering the cost of reconstruction or damaged inventory and machinery, they can also cover consequential financial losses. ■