Step Global ADVT
Deepanshu Choudhry, Legal Manager, Step Global

Step Global Group is an immigration firm headquartered in Dubai. It serves clients from across the world by giving them easy access to North America and Europe, through a variety of immigration programmes with an emphasis on investment and business/ entrepreneur immigration. Its clients include professionals and investors from the GCC and Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan, Eastern Europe and South America.

Under the aegis of Managing Director, Preeya Malik, who is a US-licensed lawyer specialised in immigration law, and with over 12 years of experience, Step Global Group has an impeccable track record and expertise in the investment immigration industry. It has raised over $80 million in funds in the last few years for businesses and projects globally. Its team of experts has helped thousands of families to successfully migrate with a 100 per cent track record of approvals to date.

Step Global has a global network of licensed lawyers, renowned immigration specialists and law firms across the world. Its partner advisors and lawyers meet high standards to be part of its international network and are well respected by their peers in the legal and business community. This enables the company to deliver highly effective legal advice or solutions, while facilitating the immigration process and drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of its partner associates when necessary.

It maintains the highest standard of services in the immigration industry to ensure smooth passage of immigration process and for the utmost service satisfaction of its clients.

Step Global Group is proud to offer a comprehensive list of immigration programmes for North America and Europe. As an immigration consultation firm, Step Global has also partnered with several prominent world-renowned real estate developers or projects and provides customised investment options for the purpose of immigration.

Step Global Group is committed towards offering unique immigration solutions to its clients by the means of different tailored investment options, which the company has developed exclusively, using the expertise of its lawyers and vast experience and goodwill of its iconic project developers or business support groups. Step Global, along with the lawyers or attorneys who are specialised in the immigration statutory framework of the respective countries, develop viable programme options that are fully compliant with the legal provisions and make it convenient for clients to opt for migration to these countries.