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Amy Ai, the visionary founder of Safari Star, has been recognised with the prestigious Excellence in Business - Best in E-commerce Finance & Taxation award by Gulf News and Being She.

With offices across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, the UK, US, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, Safari Star offers comprehensive services such as VAT compliance, business setup, maintenance, trademark registration, co-working spaces, and accounting.

"It’s a huge honour to win the Excellence in Business – Best in Ecommerce Finance & Taxation award. It validates the hard work of the past 15 years. Starting my business as a mother of two young children was challenging, but now I have 15 offices in 11 countries and nearly 200 employees serving over 20,000 clients worldwide," Amy said.

Empowering women and driving change

Amy's entrepreneurial spirit emerged from personal challenges, inspiring countless women in similar circumstances. "I hope this award will encourage women facing challenges like mine to persevere and pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles,” she said. “If I can do it, so can they."

Global impact and industry leadership

Safari Star has become a trusted partner for global enterprises, renowned for expertise in VAT compliance and essential business services. Partnering with major platforms like Amazon, Noon, and Walmart, Safari Star facilitates seamless cross-border transactions, setting industry benchmarks.

A vision for tomorrow

Looking ahead, Amy aims to expand Safari Star's impact in global business solutions, focusing on innovation and excellence to redefine industry standards and drive sustainable growth.

Specifically, Safari Star aims to develop a comprehensive one-stop service platform for global VAT compliance in e-commerce, aiming to deliver long-term strategic value for clients.

Her Excellence in Business award honours both her achievements and Safari Star's global business leadership.

Amy's journey exemplifies the transformative power of vision and perseverance, honouring her achievements and celebrating Safari Star's global business leadership.