The Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai
The Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai Image Credit: Shutterstock

Having welcomed 20 million hearts and smiles, the world fair draws towards its finale on March 31 after months of spectacular events. As residents and visitors celebrate Pakistan Day on March 23, there is still time to discover the nation’s hidden treasures by visiting the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

“After a successful five months at Expo 2020, we are happy to celebrate our one million visitors milestone crossed last week,” the Pavilion’s official Instagram handle announced on March 1. Before you bid adieu to the remarkable six months that highlighted the country's rich history and culture, here are some of the top reasons to drop into an experience that takes you through the country’s unparalleled story; the Pakistan Pavilion.

1. Step into a strikingly vibrant facade

Rashid Rana, the artist behind the popular Pavilion’s eye-catching façade, said the multicoloured structure is a representation of Pakistan’s culture, pleasant weather, and history.

The façade stands tall with thousands of apparently identical yet fractionally unique glass pieces placed together, creating a visual wonder. This is one Pavilion you walk by and cannot resist but to witness what’s inside.

2. Unravel Pakistan’s 'Hidden Treasure,' from riveting geographic wonders to an upcoming investment destination of choice

The Pavilion takes the visitor through a wide range of experiences, sharing the country’s story, from the beginning to modern day Pakistan. Then, you glide by slides of appealing visuals that open up different angles of the county for you with its geographical landscapes, history, culture, and innovation showcased beautifully through the ‘inner journey,’ designed by Noorjehan Bilgrami, the principal curator.

3. A plethora of cultural insights

A visit to the Pavilion introduces you to a gamut of Pakistan’s rich history and oldest communities, some of which still exist today. It showcases a fascinating range of textiles and jewels from Pakistan alongside the Hindu and Sikh cultures, including an ancient community from the Hindukush mountains.

The Pavilion also takes you through Pakistan’s heritage, connecting the past, present, and future - opening up a whole new perspective on the country.

4. Alexander’s horses and the pink salt

The experience introduces you to one of Pakistan's treasured assets, the terrific looking pink rock salt in all its glory, glowing from the inside out. Its history dates back to the discovery of the Khewra mines in Pakistan, the world's second largest salt mine. These mines were said to be discovered, not by Alexander, nor by his allies, but by his army horses. Alexander noticed the horses licking the stones, and how the ailing ones recovered after licking the rock salt stones, comprising 84 'miracle minerals.' The rock salt stones are also an important export for Pakistan.

5. Devour savouries and walk out with traditional souvenirs

You can wrap up your immersive experience with delectable flavours of Pakistan at Dhaaba, which is an exotic street food destination with decor inspired by Pakistani truck art and Dawat, which brings a myriad of authentic Pakistani dishes to a rootfop restaurant, with views of the Pavilion’s grandeur. For traditional souvenirs, the Bazaar located by the side of the Pavilion lets you take home a piece of Pakistan, offering the opportunity to buy handcrafted products from Pakistani craftspeople, designers and artists.

After just over 20 minutes of familiarising yourself with Pakistan in the country's Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, you should leave with new perspectives and insights into the captivating country, so make time for a visit here before it's too late.