Minimal makeup
Want to know how you can achieve dewy and fresh skin under a few minutes? Try minimal makeup. Image Credit: Pexels

In 2016, everyone was obsessed with a full glam look, high coverage foundation, deep contour, sharp eyebrows and bold eyeshadows. But there has been a 180-degree change in the way we view and use makeup now in 2022. People want natural makeup and more emphasis on skincare. Makeup brands have also caught up on this and are starting to revamp their image.

The Covid-19 pandemic has amended our everyday beauty routine. We’re opting for more at-home beauty treatments and are looking for more low maintenance options. Wearing a full face of makeup seems pointless now, but at the same time, we don’t want to abandon the idea of makeup altogether. We have to adapt to our current environment and find a new way to approach makeup and beauty.

Behold minimal makeup! This latest trend is taking over the beauty world, and guess what? It’s easy, simple and no fuss, perfect for every occasion.

There are few tricks and hacks on how to achieve second skin, so two Dubai-based professional makeup artists, Fazmina Sidek (@ladymascara_dxb) and Anastasia Volk (@anavolkmakeup), tell us how they master the art of minimal makeup.

Skincare over everything

We live in a skincare obsessed age. People have realised makeup can only mask your skin issues not fix them. Your skincare has a direct impact on your foundation and concealer application.

A moisturised and smooth base is the perfect canvas for makeup. Chemical exfoliation and incorporating hydrating and moisturising ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and ceramides are a must for a dewy and fresh look. But it might not work for everyone, and achieving the glowy look is a little tricky. If you have dry skin, try going for thicker creams and facial oils, and if you have oily skin use oil-free lightweight hydrating serums. It’s all about finding the right balance for your skin.

But seeing results from your skincare routine can take a few months, but if you want instant gratification and results to revitalise your skin, combine a drop of liquid highlighter into your moisturizer.

Fazmina Sidek says skincare should be your utmost priority. She said: “Honestly, first comes skincare. Looking after your skin and making sure it's healthy helps a lot in how your makeup applies and appears. I always double cleanse with a gentle cleanser and oil-based cleanser. Sunscreen and moisturiser are key. After that, I use a hydrating primer from MILK makeup.”

skincare and minimal makeup
If you want to achieve a fresh and dewy makeup look, you have to be diligent with your skincare routine. Image Credit: Pexels

Choose your base wisely

For a natural-looking complexion, choose a sheer coverage foundation and spot conceal. To get the maximum glow, you have to step away from anything matte. Either use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with sunscreen built-in and blend with a damp beauty sponge. Your concealer should be the same shade as you. The more contrast you have against your natural skin tone, the more “fake” your look will be.

Try blending your concealer with your fingers, or use a small flat brush for a more focused and detailed coverage. Proceed powder with caution. A light dusting of translucent powder under your eyes and T- zone is enough.

Sideek said; “I always use the Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Micro Finishing Powder (any translucent powder would do, but it should be lightweight so it doesn't ‘cake’ up your face). This helps set your foundation and also makes parts of my face matte that would normally be oily.”

Let some of your imperfections, such as dark spots, and pimples shine through and don’t cover them completely. This gives a more authentic and realistic look.

Glowing skin natural makeup
Want the 'glow within' look? Try switching your powdered makeup for cream based products. Image Credit: Pexels

Use cream-based products for a soft glow

Lean into more cream-based products like cream blush or highlighter and step away from powders.

It’s easy to get distracted with a glittery highlighter and apply a little too much. Your highlighter should mimic a ‘glow within’ your skin. A cream blush blended into the apples of your checks will give you a delightful warm flush.

Anastasia Volk says she prefers a cream-based formula for minimal makeup. She said: “Powder products are usually trickier when it comes to blending, so if you are unsure you can use them in the right way, go for cream blush, bronzer and highlighter, and set it with a loose setting powder.”

She added: “I would also add a bit of highlighter on highest points of my cheeks after I apply cheek tint and before applying the bronzer.”

For a natural base, Volk recommends products such as IT cosmetics CC+, which is a full coverage tinted moisturiser with SPF, Charlotte Tilbury’s Tinted Love lip and cheek tints and Hourglass Vanish concealer or Tarte Shape Tape concealer (both are full coverage concealers and if used wisely you won’t even need a foundation).

Sideek said: “I love the ABH Dewy Foundation - the MAC face and body foundations and also the Reboot Foundation from Makeup Forever - I also love the moisturisers from Clinique that provide a beautiful base to work on. The cream blushes from makeup forever are amazing as well to provide a very natural blushed dewy look.”

Cream blush
Swipe some cream blush on your cheeks for a natural rosy look. Image Credit: Instagram/hausofboo

Keep the eyes simple

Prevent yourself from going heavy-handed on the eyes. Line your eyes with a kohl pencil or eyeliner. Experiment with colours such as blue or green or stick to the basics, like black or brown. A smouldering and slightly smoky finish will make your natural look more edgy and dramatic.

Sideek prefers to keep the eyes simple and basic. “My natural look doesn't have much eyeshadow - sometimes it's just a swipe of a neutral shade over the lid, and that's all that I would need.”

A toned-down cat-eye or kitten flick can add definition and elongate the eyes.

“In case I need to enhance my makeup, I would add a bit of a wing liner and a brighter lip colour, and voila - you have a day-to-night transformation to your look," said Volk

When it comes to minimal makeup, eyeshadow isn't a priority. A simple winged liner or lining your eyes with kohl is enough. Image Credit: Pexels

My natural look doesn't have much eyeshadow - sometimes it's just a swipe of a neutral shade over the lid, and that's all that I would need.

- Fazmina Sidek, a Dubai-based makeup artist

Create a minimalist makeup bag

The cosmetic industry is larger than ever, thanks to us. Our consumption and spending on cosmetics have spiralled out of control. Minimal makeup is about being conscious consumers and having a makeup collection that only contains essentials.

Stop yourself from putting in your credit card details on your next online shopping trip because you are not just hurting your wallet and but also impacting the planet. The more we spend on products we don’t necessarily need, the more waste we generate.

In 2018 Zero Waste Week, a British Environmental Group revealed that the cosmetics industry produced 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging and it was unrecyclable.

This $532 (Dh1,958) billion industry is not stopping anytime soon and the issue has exacerbated in the last few years despite the changes made by consumers and brands. According to a report done by National Geographic in 2019, plastic packaging in US made products is 120 times higher than it was in the 1960’s.

Volk is a professional makeup artist who has a plethora of makeup products but she says that you don’t need a whole draw full of cosmetics to achieve a stunning makeup look.

She said: “I always believe that less is more and I love exploring and purchasing products that can work in different ways (I.e. lip and cheek tint, using bronzer or liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow, etc). So, yes, I think that you can create a stunning makeup look using the bare minimum of products. Thankfully, the majority of the brands are now vegan and cruelty free, plus they take sustainability seriously and you can just buy a refill of your favourite makeup product after you run out (examples: Guerlain, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera and many more).”

We are living in a new era of acceptance and dismantling toxic beauty standards. Minimal makeup is proof of that. People are tired of constantly hiding their flaws and just want their skin to breathe. Both professional makeup artists think that this new trend reflects our current mindset.

Sideek said: “It is quite relatable and practical for most people. Especially those who don't dabble with too much make-up. The current trend is to highlight your healthy skin and use make-up to enhance that.”

I believe that people are still very much about full glam when it comes to certain occasions. However, there is a beautiful tendency of people worldwide getting to accept themselves the way they are, regardless of skin colour or size, and this is being reflected by the beauty industry as well.

- Anastasia Volk, Dubai-based makeup artisit

“I believe that people are still very much about full glam when it comes to certain occasions. However, there is a beautiful tendency of people worldwide getting to accept themselves the way they are, regardless of skin colour or size, and this is being reflected by the beauty industry as well. I believe that makeup is there to enhance the true beauty that you already have, so I’m happy that natural makeup is now a top trend,” said Volk.