Varnika Seth hopes to create better awareness about natural medicine Image Credit: Shutterstock

Since young, Varnika Seth, an 18-year-old student studying at Dubai International Academy – Emirates Hills, has been eager to know why things worked in certain ways. This sparked her passion for biology.

Varnika Seth

Over the past year, she has been working on her book titled Healing Through Allopathy and Naturopathy which touches upon various topics within allopathy and naturopathy that widens one’s perspective on medicine as a whole. ‘‘It provides a wholesome approach that helps understand the benefits and drawbacks of both allowing one to explore options that suit their specific lifestyles and needs. The book is a great read for the youth of today. My book is now associated with a publishing house and I am proud to say that it has reached the Amazon No. 1 bestseller in India under the Home Care category,’’ she says. A school prefect, she also mentors younger year groups. She started a club called “Medical Insights” which helps future medical students have a better understanding of the field of medicine. Apart from enriching prospering students, the club also hosts seminars with medical alumni in educating students on the application process for medicine. ‘‘With my growing passion for biology, I have undertaken two summer courses in areas of ‘Neurobiology’ and ‘Disease Clusters’ by Johns Hopkins University. These were very enriching courses which gave me an in depth understanding on how brain synapses and signalling works along with the spread of diseases.’’ As a career, she is looking to take up a field which gives her the chance to study both biology and business.

Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us about your extra curricular activities.

I have hosted a sustainability webinar for UAE students encouraging and enriching them on the importance of sustainability. I was the Deputy and Head of Public Relations for Dubai International Academy Model United Nations for 3 years – the largest THIMUN Affiliated conference in the UAE

Tell us how you started working on your book.

My book originally started off as a school project as a way to compile all the research that I had done. I did detailed research in knowing the difference between natural approaches and modern medicine. I am now looking into getting the book into stores where it can have a wider reach.

What got you interested in biology?

It was my middle school biology classes that first introduced me into the depths of the subject. My interest also comes from the fact that I am keen to identify the sources/causes of imbalance and means to heal them. This could be through natural or medicinal means. This is where my passion for biology and gradual liking for chemistry has evolved.

Who was your mentor(s) and what advice did they give you?

My main mentors were my parents. The main advice they gave me was not to hold back if I knew there was potential in an idea, I shouldn’t be reluctant in executing it.

What tips can you offer students who may be interested in writing a book and getting it published?

Start now! If you have an idea that interests you and you know would interest others, don’t be shy, but start now. It can be a daunting process but if your chosen topic interests you, writing a book can be an amazing journey from which you can learn a lot.

What were the challenges you faced when penning your book and how do you overcome them?

There were definitely some challenging moments such as when I experienced writer’s block. Oftentimes I would experience situations where it would be hard to convey a set of ideas. In those situations, I would pause on my work and reflect on ways to channel my thoughts in a different way. Even though this was time-consuming, it helped in keeping my points concise and relevant.

What subjects do you plan to pursue for your higher studies?

I plan on pursuing my higher studies relating to subjects of Biology and Chemistry.