Viral trend of one of world’s favourite instant noodles being made into a milkshake, sandwich and more!

Viral trend of one of world’s favourite instant noodles being made into a milkshake, sandwich and more!

It has got foodies raising eyebrows but some have started taking it up a notch. Read on…

How instant noodles are becoming milkshakes and laddoos! Image Credit: Pranav Kumar Jain/

Ah, Maggi! A flood of emotions cloud my next words, as they have now turned into images of hot, steaming and flavoursome bowl of noodles bathed in spices and vegetables. The dish is so fondly eaten by people world over, especially India, since it’s the perfect solution to a happy (or gloomy) day.

Did you know
This world-famous name and snack was inspired by Swiss Entrepreneur Julius Maggi – who is the mastermind behind pre-cooked soup. But it is was only in 1947 when Maggi consolidated with Nestle, thus beginning a food culture so strongly followed in India today.

But, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, people remained in the safety of their homes, some people got a little creative, especially in the kitchen. And some of these food experiments were made using Maggi. One such dish was the Maggi milkshare or Maggi ‘mugga,’ as it is now known, and of course, the internet was quite quick to pick it up.

Yes, it does sound appalling to many of us when we read it, but it does taste quite nice. Or so they claim.

Served in a pitcher, this dish is layered with Maggi and creamy mango milkshake, which is then served hot to the diner. And yet again, netizens weren’t going to back down from sharing their opinions about it – most of which were out of disgust.

But unlike this weird combination, Maggi has found itself in various avatars over the years.

It’s been fried…

Placed between two slices of bread…

Served in tiny glasses, with the title ‘Maggi cheesecake shots’. Not actually cheesecake, folks… just the same concept.

Not to mention, Maggi laddoo for a festive day (or not)…

And even as ice cream!

But all of this – while it does look good – doesn’t seem to find the favour of many people, especially food lovers. Maybe keeping it simple seems like the right way to go, don’t you think so? On that tasty note, do you have a few Maggi-related recipes to share with us? Tell us about it on

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