UAE Global Village 2021: Buffalo samosa, cereal latte, cheetos paratha... unusual food combinations to try out in Dubai

UAE Global Village 2021: Buffalo samosa, cereal latte, cheetos paratha... unusual food combinations to try out in Dubai

Cheese covered stuffed grape leaves and other Instagram friendly foods that are delicious

Unusual food combinations to try out at Global Village
Unusual food combinations to try out at Global Village Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Whether it’s a paratha roll with Oman Chips or sushi covered with Cheetos, the UAE is home to many unusual food combinations and unique fusion flavours. This list is for those who are feeling adventurous when it comes to the food they try...

Buffalo chicken and dynamite shrimp samosas

Known as both samosa and sambusak, the filled and fried hearty pastry is one of the most popular snack foods in many parts of the world. Originating in the Middle East and later being introduced into Central Asian and South Asian cuisine, the dish has been altered to suit many different taste buds. While the most common fillings are spiced potatoes, onions, peas, cheese, beef and other meats, at Global Village, a particular food stall has made a few changes to the delicacy.

Must try foods at Global Village
Dynamite shrimp samosa

We spoke to a Global Village visitor, Amna Alyassi, who came to Sambosa Street to try out their Buffalo Sambosa and Dynamite Shrimp Sambosa.

“I would recommend those who like to try out new dishes to try out these. I came here after seeing influencers sharing pictures on Instagram of this unique food stall so I decided to try it out,” Alyassi said.

Must try foods at Global Village
Buffalo chicken samosa

The Dynamite Shrimp Sambosa has pieces of cheese filled mini samosas with a drizzle of spicy sauce and shrimp cooked in the same sauce. Whereas, the Buffalo Sambosa combined pieces of chicken breast coated in buffalo sauce with pieces of samosas.

Price: Both dishes are priced at Dh30.

Cheetos and samosa paratha

Yes, you read that right. At Everything Paratha, they take their name very seriously. They put everything in their version of the South Asian flatbread.

We tried their Flame Cheetos paratha and Big Samosa paratha.

For chaat lovers, the tamarind chutney and the samosa tasted familiarly pleasant in the Big Samosa paratha. Combining that with a freshly made warm paratha is unusual but surprisingly tasty. It’s also quite filling. Definitely a must-try for an Indian street-food lover.

Must try foods at Global Village
Samosa paratha (left) and Cheetos paratha (right)

For the not faint at heart and who seek unusual combinations, along with being a fan of anything crispy and spicy, the Flame Cheetos paratha is perfect. The dish combines a paratha topped with a creamy sauce and Cheetos puffs.

Price: The Flame Cheetos paratha was Dh15 and the Big Samosa paratha was Dh19.

Stuffed grape leaves or Warak Enab with cheese and chutney

While it has many names, in Arabic, the dish is referred to as ‘Warak Enab’, which means 'leaves of grapes', and traditionally it's stuffed with rice and meat or rice and veggies. At Fresh and Tasty in Global Village, Ayesha Al Mehairi, the food stall’s owner, tried to introduce new flavours to the dish with her version topped with cheese and another one with a yogurt and herb-based chutney.

Must try foods at Global Village
Stuffed grape leaves with cheese

“I wanted to make something new, so I added cheese on top of the stuffed vine leaves. I tested the recipe by making my children and husband try it, and they loved it,” Al Mehairi said.

She then introduced the dish at her stall at Global Village and it became a hit.

Al Mehairi also said that she gets the dish’s ingredients from different parts of the world.

Must try foods at Global Village
Stuffed grape leaves with chutney

“I get some spices from Egypt and Syria amongst other places to maintain the authenticity of the dish and give people an unique experience,” she said.

Price: Both dishes were priced at Dh30.

Fried chicken in a waffle cone

At Chick'n Cone, which has become a foodies’ favourite over the last few years at Global Village, the food stall takes chicken and waffles, an American classic, to the next level.

The 'handheld chicken and waffles' concept combines a sugar cone, usually used to serve ice cream, with fried chicken in various flavours.

Must try foods at Global Village
Chick'n Cone in the Kick'n Ranch flavour

We tried their Kick'n Ranch flavour, which is a perfect balance of creamy and spicy. For those who like a little more kick to their food, the Buffalo Blue is a great option, which combines spicy chicken wing sauce with a hint of blue cheese.

Price: Dh25 for a cone with pieces of fried chicken.

Cereal latte

For those who clicked this article to get a like-worthy picture for the ‘gram, we’ve got you covered. The Cereal Latte at the trendy specialty coffee stall Sip is a hit amongst those who are social media savvy. This cold coffee is topped with bits of colourful fruity cereal to make it visually appealing and also giving it a crunch when one drinks it.

Must try foods at Global Village
Must try foods at Global Village Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Sultan Mohammed, owner of Sip, said that he introduced the drink to attract those who like to post their food online. “Since we’ve introduced the unique drink, it has become a hit. Many people ask for it without the lid so they can take a proper picture,” Mohammed said.

Price: Dh25 for an iced Cereal Latte.

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