Pilk, corn and birria tacos: 6 most popular online food trends of 2022

Pilk, corn and birria tacos: 6 most popular online food trends of 2022

TikTok, Instagram were bombarded with food videos this year, which trend is here to stay?

Butter boards
Butter boards was a big trend in 2022 Image Credit: Shutterstock

From satisfying melted chocolate drips to the crunches heard in ASMR videos, there’s no doubt that people love food content online. Every year food-related videos go viral on social media and this year we have a round-up of all the trends, which were seen everywhere online in 2022.

It’s corn

“It’s corn!” was the catch phrase of 2022 thanks to 7-year-old Tariq. In August, a TikTok video in which he joyously admitted his love for corn went viral.

Corn ribs
Corn ribs Image Credit: Shutterstock

Tariq quickly became known as the "Corn Kid" across the internet and beyond. Consequently, he was featured on television talk shows, ads, and was even named an official "Corn-bassador" of the American state of South Dakota.

Tariq gained further popularity when YouTuber Schmoyoho created a musical remix of his voice in the video that has since been used in more than 1.4 million TikToks. Videos of people making and eating corn-based dishes quickly stormed the internet with the soundtrack in the background.

Butter boards

Step aside Charcuterie boards, there is a cooler, more laidback version of you in town. In 2022, the less elaborate butter board was all the rage online.

The trend involves slathering softened butter on cutting boards and adding sauces, spices, fruits, and other toppings on it. People are then using pieces of bread or bread-like items to scoop up the butter.

Butter boards
Butter boards can be made with many different toppings - the possibilities are endless Image Credit: Shutterstock

There were also variations with people spreading chunky pesto and chutneys onto boards. One of the reasons for the food trend’s popularity, much like Charcuterie boards, is how versatile it is. People are adding their spins to the elements on these boards and presenting it in many ways.

This is a trend that is here to stay. We expect to see versions of it in 2023.

Baked oats

It seems like people are always looking for creative ways to make breakfast dishes more exciting. This time it was the humble bowl of oats. The internet spared no effort to give this common breakfast item an elaborate makeover.

baked oats
Baked oats make for a tasty breakfast dish Image Credit: shutterstock

People were using oats as the base and a plethora of other ingredients added to the oats and baking them in ramekins to give birth to “baked oats”. From chocolate chip fudge, and raspberry-almond to carrot cake and banana pudding-inspired versions, there was no limit to this trend.

Yoghurt or custard toast

This next dish also fits into the category of breakfast items. A take on French toast, the yoghurt or custard toast was seen everywhere in videos, with makers pushing it as a quick recipe for busy mornings.

yoghurt toast
Mix yoghurt and honey on top of a toast to enjoy a hearty, custard-like breakfast recipe. Image Credit: Shutterstock

In this dish, yoghurt is used as the main topping on a piece of toast along with sweetening ingredients like maple syrup and honey with fruits. Many compared the taste of the yoghurt topping to custard.

Birria tacos

This trend brought a punch of spicy, umami flavour to the foods of 2022. Birria is a dish from Mexico, which is a meat stew or soup traditionally made from goat meat, but occasionally made from beef, lamb, mutton, or chicken.

Birria tacos
Birria tacos are a twist on a traditional Mexican dish. Image Credit: Shutterstock

While it is unclear when exactly someone decided to turn the juicy meat and savoury broth-based dish into a version of tacos, it quickly became a hit on the internet. From amateur cooks to professional chefs, 2022 saw many videos of the recipe being recreated and viewers loved everything about it. One of the popular elements of the videos was the “satisfying” dipping of the tacos into the reddish-brown, thick stew.


Is it soda or is it milk? Well, that’s left to those who dared to try this quirky food combination to decide.

Popular soda brand Pepsi shared a holiday ad with actress Lindsey Lohan drinking the cola-coloured soft drink mixed with milk. After that, hundreds of Instagrammers and TikTokers were trying the concoction.

Mix soda with milk and you get Pilk. Image Credit: Shutterstock

As the food trend gained popularity online, some social media users pointed out that the drink is not new. Doodh soda is a popular drink across India and Pakistan, mixing lemon-lime soda (like Sprite or 7Up) with milk.

Which food trend was your favourite from 2022? What do you think will gain popularity in 2023? Share with us on food@gulfnews.com

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