K-pop idol Jungkook shares his special ‘perilla oil makguksu’ or buckwheat noodle sauce recipe

K-pop idol Jungkook shares his special ‘perilla oil makguksu’ or buckwheat noodle sauce recipe

The BTS singer surprised fans with a cooking session during a live video

BTS’s Jungkook shares perilla oil makguksu recipe
Viral: BTS’s Jungkook shares perilla oil makguksu recipe Image Credit: Screenshot from Jungkook's Weverse live by @3rdGuyFromLeft

Fans of K-pop star Jungkook were in for a pleasant surprise last night – not only did they get a live video from their idol, but he also cooked and shared a recipe for his current-favourite noodle sauce in the video.

During a live interaction with fans on Weverse, late at night on April 24, the BTS singer unexpectedly started making his special 'perilla oil makguksu', to explain its recipe to the Armys (fans of BTS).

Makguksu is a traditional noodle dish from the Gangwon province in South Korea. And perilla oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from perilla seeds. The oil is often used in Korean sautéed vegetable dishes and some soup dishes.

Jungkook was just about to end a regular live fan interaction when he suddenly started discussing the makguksu recipe with his favourite sauce.

“These days I order food a lot, right… I’ve been ordering perilla oil makguksu… I've been researching on it to tell you guys (the recipe)… just wait,” he said.

Instead of ending the live video, the singer soon had a bowl, and the ingredients of the recipe, on a table in front of him.

The 25-year-old star went on to show his fans the step-by-step process to mixing the sauce before adding the cooked buckwheat noodles and enjoying the dish.

Fans said they were amused by the Golden Maknae's (youngest band member) cute antics and amazed at his cooking skills.

Many were impressed that he even shared tips such as the colour of perilla oil to buy.

His fan @O1O9gf tweeted: “Jungkook meticulously explaining everything about perilla oil and his makguksu recipe. 1. He's so cute 2. I could listen to him talk for hours about how he makes everything he does so amusing and interesting.”

The South Korean singer is known among his fans to be a food lover. Just last month, his fusion ramen recipe called Bulguri had the internet in a tizzy.

Jungkook had promised his fans that he would share the recipe in a follow-up post, which he did. In his post, he called it the recipe for “toasty Buldak mayo perilla oil makguksu". Here it is if you want to try making it.


4 tbsp cold-pressed 100% pure perilla oil (store bought)

2 tbsp cham sauce (a vegetable sauce, which he said is "lighter and a little bit sweeter than soy sauce")

Buldak sauce (store bought and added to taste)

1 tbsp Buldak mayo (store bought)

1 egg yolk (“and take out all the stringy things!”)

“You can probably add minced garlic and/or chili flakes, to taste, but personally haven’t tried it myself,” he added as a note.


“Mix all the ingredients one by one and your sauce is complete. If you're making a bigger portion, multiply it accordingly, and it’ll be good.

“Boil as much of the buckwheat noodles as you want to eat, then put them in a bowl of cold water to wash out the starch. Then toss the noodles to drain them well.

“Pour as much sauce as you want over the noodles and add seaweed flakes. I don’t mean just any normal dried seaweed flakes; I’m talking about those seasoned ones. So, you top it off with the flakes, and that's it!” wrote Jungkook.

Not only are his fans excited to try the recipe, but many are also happy that he is so simple and relatable in his videos.

Twitter user @spockgrrl wrote: “Jungkook is on live, ignoring comments, talking about how to find a good perilla oil at the store, washing dishes, and making noodles. I'm just answering emails with him in the background, nodding as if I understand. Love it when we Facetime, bestie.”

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