Eid Al Adha: Here are 8 biryani recipes to try out this week

Eid Al Adha: Here are 8 biryani recipes to try out this week

Master the art of making Biryani at home this Eid with these tasty recipes...

This Eid, all you need is eight tasty biryanis... Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque, Shutterstock, Pexels.com, Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Spread out your table this Eid, with one (or eight) of these Biryanis. Rich in flavour and cooked in layers, these iconic rice variations are quite easy to make and can be mastered with just a little bit of time and the right guide.

To make things easier, the Food team at Gulf News has listed out a few biryani recipes you can try out at home...

1. Zurbian

Popular to Yemen, this famed and rich-in-flavour biryani is a combination of spiced rice, fall-off-the-bone meat, and is perfect for Eid. Of course, it has a history behind it, but that's a tale for another time.... Although, here's a tiny fact: It was part of the cultural heritage of Deccan India Image Credit: Shutterstock

Hungry yet? Try out the recipe for Zurbian here

2. Emirati fish biryani

Emirati Fish Biryani
Fish in a biryani? We've got the recipe from Bayt Al Wakeel's kitchen. A blend of Arabic spices and loomi's tang, this biryani is easy to make and takes an hour (or less) to take its true form Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/Gulf News

Here's a guide to making Emirati Fish Biryani

3. Kozhikkodan chemmeen biryani

Kozikkodan chemmeen biryani
Try out this biryani variation, but with shrimp. Famous in Kerala's district of Kozhikode, this recipe is made using a different type of rice called 'jeerakasala' and is flavoured with spices, herbs and even fruits Image Credit: Biryani Junction

Try out the recipe to making Kozhikkodan Chemmeen Biryani

4. Hyderabadi mutton biryani

Mutton Biryani
Tender and juicy mutton layered under a bed of fragrant rice, the Hyderabadi mutton biryani has found a special place for diners and home cooks near and far. That being said, it's only fair that you try it out at home, because this flavoursome biryani is a showstopper on every table Image Credit: Shutterstock

Here's the recipe for Hyderabadi mutton biryani

5. Lucknowi mutton biryani

Lucknowi mutton biryani
Are you someone who likes a flour dough covering your biryani, only to tear it to take a few spoons of flavoured rice? Because the Lucknowi mutton biryani is a slow-cooked, tasty and satisfying clay pot of biryani, which can be made at home this Eid. How? Click our recipe below to try it out Image Credit: Biryani Junction

Here's the recipe

6. Kottayam biryani

Kottayam Biryani
Got guests coming over in less than an hour? Try out this easy-to-make pressure cooker biryani, or Kottayam biryani, which is a medley of rice and meat bathed in spices Image Credit: Alleksana/Pexels.com

Here's a guide to making Kottayam biryani

7. Kachhi biryani

Kachhi Biryani
It takes a bit of time to cook it to perfection. Popular in Bangladesh, the Kacchi Biryani is layer after layer of rice and juicy meat interspersed with fried potatoes and lashings of spiced yoghurt Image Credit: Shutterstock

Here's the recipe to making Kachhi biryani

8. Alu tehari or potato biryani

Alu Tahari
This Eid, keep it simple with Alu Tehari or potato biryani. All you need is a handful of ingredients and 35 minutes, because this spiced vegetarian rice dish from India's Awadhi cuisine is simple, tasty and filling, all at the same time Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Try out this Alu Tehari recipe

Have a favourite biryani recipe? Tell us about it on food@gulfnews.com

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