Expo 2020 Dubai: A sneak peek of the site
Expo 2020 Dubai site during the media preview in October Image Credit: Virendra Saklani

Dubai: Tickets to Dubai's most anticipated Expo 2020 event will be sold by VFS Global, it was announced on Wednesday. While leisure travellers have to wait a little longer - early 2020 - to buy their tickets, VFS Global has already started sales of certain ticket packages. In Saudi Arabia, Seera Group, a travel services company, has been appointed as the first official ticket reseller for Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Expo 2020

Touted as the World's Greatest Show, Expo 2020 and Dubai's hosting season has been much anticipated across the world. The Expo site is nearing completion, and represents participation of 192 countries. On for six months or 173 days to be specific, the event invites visitors to 'party with the world' with country-specific pavilions built in futuristic designs. From food, culture to art and tech, the Expo promises to be a tour around the world with no passports and no borders.

Expo 2020 Gallery

A sneak peek of the Expo 2020 site from October

The World’s Greatest Show opens in about 450 days – on 20 October, 2020.

Why visit Expo 2020

If futuristic country pavilions, sixty live shows a day, performances from world-famous artists, daily parades, future-shaping technologies, special celebrations including Diwali and Christmas, and more than 200 F&B outlets serving a world of cuisines is not enough reason to visit, we don't know what is. Dubai has pulled out all stops in hosting the event and the world is coming here for all of it. 

Who can buy tickets now?

Tickets will be sold to business travellers, from destination management companies, travel agents and educational institutions, while leisure travellers will be able to do so early next year - possibly by April.

Expo 2020
Al Wasl dome encircles the Al Wasl Plaza that sits at the heart of the Expo 2020 Dubai site Image Credit: SUPPLIED

VFS Global will be offering a range of packages with suggested itineraries that include single- and three-day passes to visit Expo 2020 Dubai. Customers who opt to submit their visa application through the Premium Lounge, or hold a VFS Global Privilege Program membership, can also enjoy discounts on the packages they purchase.

Customers can also visit the VFS Global Dubai Travel Shop available in select Visa Application Centres to reserve their tickets and passes and find out more about the largest event ever to be held in the Arab World.

How much do tickets cost?

Here's how much visitors will have to shell out to be a part of this global party in Dubai - 1-day ticket: Dh120 per person, 3-day ticket: Dh260 per person. There will also be monthly and season passes - the rates of these haven't been announced yet. 

Students get a discounted entry ticket price of Dh50 per student for a trip. Children, aged 6 to 17, will get a 50 per cent discount, so will caregivers of people of determination accompanying them. All people of determination, children aged below 6 and adults aged above 65 will be able to visit the site for free.

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