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Dubai: Expo 2020 Dubai may have been postponed for a year, but that just meant Dubai's offerings got bigger and better. Dubai has been preparing for the global event for seven years now, and its social media team has remained active with regular updates, news and other information.

To stay abreast with all the latest happenings before and during the event, which kicks off in October, here's a look at all the social media handles you need to follow.


Follow Expo 2020 Dubai's Instagram page and catch the latest updates while you scroll through your feed. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

Handle: @expo2020dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai’s Instagram page keeps its 673,000 followers and counting engaged through vibrant (and interactive) stories and social media posts. Updates on the platform are shared round the clock. Things to look forward to include Instagram polls, story highlights, videos and pictures. 


Stay updated with the latest trends, hashtags and tweets of the Expo by following their official Twitter page. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

Handle: @expo2020dubai

For a look at all that's happened since Dubai won the expo bid, look no further than this handle. With over a million followers, Expo 2020 Dubai’s following receives regular updates in both English and Arabic.


Find all the latest news and updates about Expo 2020 on the official Facebook page. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

Handle: @expo2020dubai

Expo 2020’s Facebook page has all the news on events and an interactive team that respond to all queries. 


While Expo 2020 Dubai doesn’t have an official account yet on Snapchat, here’s how you can experience Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion through your phone.

Step 1: Login to Snapchat and scan the below Snap code to access the lens.

Scan the lens on your Snapchat App and unlock the Terra lens for an hour to enjoy an immersive virtual experience through your phone no matter where you are. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

Step 2: Flip your lens to the back camera and tap your screen while you walk around to see the Sustainability pavilion. Don’t forget to use #Expo2020 every time you post online.

Step into a virtual journey inside your phone through the Terra Lens on Snapchat and experience the wonders of Terra - the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai
Pan your camera for a sneak peek into the pavilion. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai
Take a look into Terra before it reopens on October 1, 2020. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai


Catch all the latest job postings and other updates on Expo 2020 Dubai's Linkedin Page. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

Page: Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai also has a LinkedIn page, on which you can see posts related to jobs, volunteering and events on a regular basis. You can also connect with and follow Expo 2020 officials to stay updated.


Delve into the future and take a trip around the world through a series of videos before you head into town for the Expo beginning on October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Image Credit: Source: Expo 2020 Dubai

Channel: Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai has an official YouTube channel which can be accessed via their website or app. Take a look at all the architectural marvels, country pavilions, and more on the Expo 2020 Dubai channel, to stay updated with all that's happening well ahead of the world's greatest show beginning on October 1, 2021.

Hashtags to use and follow

Here are some of the popular hashtags used on social media. Use them when you post any expo-related content online or just to stay updated.






-The writer is an intern with Gulf News.