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Still from 'Monster Hunter' Image Credit: Supplied

‘Monster Hunter’ has been pulled from Chinese cinemas after a scene was deemed racially offensive and caused backlash online.

The movie, a feature game adaptation that is directed by Paul WS Anderson, stars Milla Jovovich.

According to Deadline, a 10-second scene depicts Asian-American rapper-actor Jin Au-Yeung, known as MC Jin, doing a riff. He says: “Look at my knees. What kind of knees are these? Chinese.”

The short exchange caused controversy as some deemed it similar to a racist children’s rhyme.

The film had a limited release in China on December 3 before its wider distribution. It was the third most-viewed film that day before it was abruptly halted on December 4, the movie’s official launch day.

Reports say that local distributors in China are working to fix the situation by potentially removing the offending scene and re-releasing the film.

‘Monster Hunter’ is a fantasy-adventure film that follows Lt. Artemis and an elite group of soldiers as they enter a world where ferocious monsters rule. They come across a mysterious hunter that could be their ticket home.