Rashmi Kotriwala and Shailesh Uphadyay in 'Sankraman'. Image Credit: Supplied

Family is complicated. There are generational traumas handed down from the elders, new-age thoughts introduced by the young people, and a tussle to see what will reign in the house. The play ‘Sankraman’, which runs at Flight Case, Al Quoz, on March 26 and 27, dives into the complex weaves created by the dynamics of an inter-generational household.

The production, performed by UAE-based Orb Theatricals, was written by Indian playwright Kamtanath and uses monologues as a canvas to paint the portrait of a person and his/her relationships.

Dubai theatre veteran, Sabiha Majgaonkar, who has directed the play, says: “I love the simple storytelling in this play. It’s a play that says so much about relationships particularly in middle-class Indian households through the dialogues. The emotions however are universal and relatable to even non-Hindi speaking audiences.”

The show runs through the points of view of first the father and son (played by Shailesh Uphadyay and Amit Vikram Ghosh respectively) and later, the mother (Rashmi Kotriwala).

Kotriwala, who is also the founder of troupe En Act, calls this a heartwarming story – even though it brings its own set of challenges. “’Sankraman’ is a heartwarming story and I am really enjoying living a character that is about 8-10 years older to me and also of a very different back ground from mine. She is balanced and practical in her approach and it’s interesting to portray the mother, especially because such a character can easily become melodramatic. I love the director's approach in maintaining the balance in her portrayal and I hope I can live up to the challenge to stay true to her vision,” she says.

When enmeshed in a family drama, it’s tough to find relief and objectivity. This play can perhaps provide perspective. Or at least that’s the hope – it’s a tall order; after all, family is complicated.

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‘Sankraman’ runs on March 26 and 27 at Flight Case, Al Quoz. On March 26, the shows are at 3.30pm and 7pm; on March 27, there is one show at 7pm. Tickets start at Dh60.