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Actress Amala Paul is taking the plunge into a new venture. She is co-producing upcoming Tamil film titled ‘Cadaver,’ where she plays the role of Dr Badra, a forensic pathologist.

The film is based on Malayalam book ‘Oru Police Surgeonate Ormakurippukal,’ written by well-known Kerala forensic surgeon Dr B Umadathan.

“As an artist, I have spent a decade experimenting with commercial roles,” said Paul. “Now I have better clarity in choosing roles that elevate me as an actor. And I enjoy playing different characters. It is with this satisfaction that I signed up for ‘Cadaver.’ The premise and narration of ‘Cadaver’ impressed me.”

Paul said that the role involved learning new things and tough preparation including spending time with a forensic surgeon to understand the profession.

“As the film cannot be made at a shoestring budget, I decided to join hands with my producers Pradeep kumar and Ajay Panicker as co-producer,” added Paul.