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Ajith has done his own stunts for the movie Image Credit: Supplied

The trailer says it all. In tune with the festive occasion of Pongal, Ajith’s ‘Viswasam’, directed by Siva, seems to have the right doses of romance, action and emotions.

Here are five things you should know about the film.

1. Ajith and Tamil director Siva are coming together for the fourth time. The story of ‘Viswasam’ happens in two time periods — one showing a young Ajith wearing brightly coloured shirts and the vintage Ajith with his salt and pepper look sporting a white dhoti and white shirts. His character’s name is Thooku Durai — a much venerated man in the village. Thooku Durai’s wife Niranjana is played by Nayanthara and Anika plays their child Shwetha.

2. Telugu actor Jagapathi Babu plays the villain. The action sequences are a highlight, more so since Ajith never uses a body double and performs stunts himself. Action choreographer Dhilip Subbarayan said: “The responsibility was huge as every action sequence has a concept. In fact, every action block happens to be a point, where the plot progresses into the next stage. Director Siva was clear about these scenes while writing the script itself and this made the work easier.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqMdbpYi5YwLook out for sequences shot in the rain and Ajith’s (who is a motorcycle racer) bike stunts.

Shooting an action scene inside a public restroom where space is restricted posed another challenge, added Subbarayan.

“We had to set up the drama inside and it was risky with tiled floors that are slippery,” he said.

3. Director of photography Vetri said the introduction scene for Ajith was the most challenging since every filmmaker working with the star wants to try something different; classy and yet with mass appeal. Siva, having worked on three films with Ajith, wanted something completely new.

“After several discussions, we came up with something different in ‘Viswasam.’ It will be a treat for fans — the arrival of Ajith and what he does after that will be certainly enjoyable. There are several whistle moments. While Siva’s earlier three films — ‘Veeram’, ‘Vedalam’ and ‘Vivegam’ were serious roles, ‘Viswasam’ unleashes the entertainer in Ajith.”

Since the story is set against both urban and rural backdrops, Vetri has used different colour schemes distinguish the two.

4. The supporting cast includes Thambi Ramaiah, Ramesh Thilak, Kovai Sarala and Yogi Babu.

5. D Imman has composed the music.

‘Viswasam’ produced by Satya Jyoti Films releases in UAE on January 10.