Sarita Choudhury Image Credit: WENN

Raised across the globe and living out of a suitcase, Indian-origin actress Sarita Choudhury, best known for her role in Kama Sutra, wants to shift base to India to make her life "culturally rich". She also wants to learn an Indian language but isn't sure if Bollywood is the place for her.

"I was raised around the world. I wasn't raised in America but my work has been there and you start wanting to draw from where you come from. There is a limit to that and that's what it is," Choudhury, 44, told IANS in an interview.

"I want my life to match my work now. I don't want to work and then travel. I want to be at one place," added the New York-based half-Bengali, half English actress.

"I want to [move to India]. People think I don't want to come back. They think I want to be in America as it has been really good to me. But I need something more culturally rich now," said Choudhury, who travels everywhere with her seven-year-old daughter Maria. So any deadline for the move? "I'd like to do it soon," she said. "I think I should do it soon."

Choudhury, who was also seen in Mira Nair's Mississippi Masala as well as Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love, is in India to promote her latest outing For Real. But she has been to India many times earlier.

"My parents live in Kolkata so I come every year. I've been to [film] festivals; so I do end up coming but always for a short period."

However, it is film capital Mumbai that has caught her fancy.

So is Bollywood the next destination?