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Being a child of the ‘King of Philippine Movies’ carries a lot of weight, but actress Lovi Poe, who is following in the footsteps of her late father Fernando Poe Jr, isn’t afraid to chart her own destiny.

“I’m not just his daughter. I am a woman of my own,” says Poe in an email interview with Gulf News tabloid!.

Poe, who will be in the UAE starting November 6 to attend the opening of a clothing store, admits that it was never easy being the daughter of an industry legend.

“Honestly, it was more of a challenge than an easy ticket into the industry. His name has the word ‘pressure’ tied with it. Simply because he was a well-loved man. The legacy he left behind wasn’t a joke and I always felt the need to be the best version of myself just because of his name,” confesses the singer-actress.

After years in the entertainment industry, the 30-year-old artist says she’s managed to overcome the pressure by being true to herself.

“The moment I was able to transcend through that, I felt more free. I had to instill the fact in my head that I am not him and we are two different people. That it is okay to not be even half as good as he is. He’s won his own battles and I’m a warrior of my own,” says Poe.

On top of her busy schedule in the UAE — she will also be a guest at a chess festival hosted by BurJuman Mall in Dubai on November 8 — Poe is currently promoting her upcoming film, ‘The Annulment’, opposite Joem Bascom, which is set to open in cinemas in the Philippines on November 13. She also just released a single she wrote called ‘Segundo’.

Apart from her work in film and television, Poe also has millions of fans on social media who follow her fitness, fashion and other activities. She reveals more about herself...

Her fashion style

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“I sometimes follow the trend but I usually just go with what I feel during the day. I am a long dress type of girl. I used to dress so bohemian and I still do... usually on lazy days. My biggest fashion staples are a classy little black dress, black strappy shoes, nude/brown coat, nude pumps and perfect pair of ripped jeans.”

Fashion boo boos

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“There are no fashion no-nos for me. I feel like fashion is a way of expressing yourself and we are all very different. It all boils down to our personalities and mood during the day. So express and do not impress!”

Fashion must haves

“I go for classic pieces. Black, white and nude is always a yes for me. They will never go out of style. Purchase things that can be repeated and can be used when mixing it with trendy things.”

Fitness and diet

“I do feel the pressure sometimes because there are moments when I am told out of the blue that I have an underwear shoot in two days (hahaha), but it is more about that. It is not really having the pressure of being in tiptop shape because of other people’s opinion. It is more about how I feel about myself. I work out almost every day. I am addicted to happy hormones I guess. 80/20 rule: 80 per cent of the time you are healthy, 20 per cent eat what you want. Never restrict yourself! Doing it for a healthier lifestyle is more sustainable than doing it just for a body goal.”

Her take on body shaming

“Sometimes people associate women as beautiful when you are slim and [have a] fair complexion. It will be hard to avoid miserable and negative people … they are everywhere. But at the end of the day, we have to remember that beauty is subjective and beauty is not only about looking physically pleasing to the eyes. Remember that physical beauty, sure, can grab a man’s attention but your inner soul, personality and attitude is what is going to make him stay (and vice versa). Being sexy is not about having the perfect waistline. It is about attitude. It is about how your carry yourself with confidence and class.”

Skincare and make-up

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“Sunblock in the morning is very important. [An] evening regimen too. Do not miss the perfect serum and moisturiser that works best for you. Eat right. It is not only about what you put on your skin, it is about what you put in your body.

I do put my own make-up. When I do my own, I believe that less is more. Of course, shoots are different. But on a daily basis, I feel like just go for the basics — brows, lip and cheek tint. Embrace your colour!”


“I have different perfumes depending on my mood or the event I am going. I just usually go for a floral scent in the evening. And an out-of-the-shower, powdery scent on a normal day.”


“It has always been my problem as I can be very fickle. Some days I want to cut my hair short because I love having short hair, but I know one day I want to grow it back! I think it is every girl’s problem. Visit the salon occasionally for treatment. It needs some pampering too. We make it go through heat almost every day! It deserves it!”


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- November 6 at 6pm at Bench Store, Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi

- November 7 at 5pm, Bench Store opening in Al Wahda Street, Sharjah

- November 8 at 12pm, at the Chess Festival in BurJuman, Dubai