Zoe Viccaji Image Credit: Supplied

Shehzad Roy and a other pop singers such as Zoe Viccaji and Kashmir band’s vocalist Bilal Ali are releasing a single.

It is part of the model-turned-entrepreneur Frieha Altaf’s social initiative, titled Mein Bhi. While the title literally translates to “me too”, it purports to look beyond just abuse of women, which is what the global campaign #metoo has been focused on.

A teaser of the song was released online on Sunday. Produced by Altaf, the video clumps together monotone images of the likes of Malala Yousufzai, Zainab Ansari, Mukhtaran Mai and Qandeel Baloch, all of whom were victims of abuse at the hands of a deeply patriarchal society.

Altaf was the first Pakistani celebrity who confesses on her Twitter account that she had been molested as a child. Her campaign isn’t essentially feminist in nature; it also features Shahzeb Khan, a young university student from Karachi who was killed by the son of an influential feudal lord because Khan tried to stop him from teasing his sister.

In her tweet, Senator Sherry Rehman commented: “Great to see music for the right cause! #meinbhi — a song for human rights.”