Netflix drops new stills for A Time Called You.
Netflix drops new stills for A Time Called You. Image Credit: Netflix

Over-the-top platform Netflix has just released new stills from the upcoming K-drama A Time Called You, which is set to premiere in the UAE on September 8.

The time-travel drama will feature South Korean actress Jeon Yeo-bin, of Vincenzo fame, alongside actor Ahn Hyo-seop of Business Proposal and Dr Romantic, leading the cast.

The drama, which is a remake of 2019 Taiwanese drama Someday Or One Day, tells the story of Jun Hee (played by Yeo-bin), who is grieving the death of her boyfriend Yeon Jun (played by Ahn Hyo-seop) for a year.

Suddenly, she magically travels through time to the year 1998, where she is a high school student named Kwon Min-joo. She meets Nam Si-heon (also played by Ahn Hyo-seop), with an uncanny resemblance to her deceased boyfriend.

Shi-heon is an attractive young student adored by the female students in his high school. Meanwhile, Jung In-kyu (played by Kang Hoon), who is best friends with Shi-heon, develops a crush on Kwon Min-Joo.

Netflix drops new stills for A Time Called You.
New still for Netflix K-drama 'A Time Called You'. Image Credit: Netflix

K-drama fans are eagerly waiting for the release.

“I haven't been watching k-dramas for a long time because I want something that'll really give me a good cry. Knowing A Time Called You is the Korean version of Someday or One Day, I am sure this will definitely make me cry,” posted X (formerly Twitter) user @hustinaaa_.

On August 24, an official from Netflix also confirmed that K-pop band NewJeans will be participating in the OST (original soundtrack) for the series.

Netflix further shared that NewJeans’ OST will be a remake of South Korean rock musician Kim Jong-seo’s 1996 song ‘Beautiful Restriction’ (literal title).