South Korean rapper J-Hope and singer Crush
South Korean rapper J-Hope and singer Crush Image Credit:

Hip hop singer-songwriter Crush will release a collaborative single with BTS member J-Hope.

The song ‘Rush Hour’ will hit music services on September 22, P Nation said in a release.

Crush unveiled part of the tune combining a funky sound and smooth vocals, and teased the song’s music video featuring J-Hope.

Debuting in 2012 with the single ‘Red Dress’, Crush is best known for songs such as ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Bermuda Triangle’.

J-Hope was the first member from the South Korean group BTS to debut as a solo artist in July, when he dropped the single ‘More’ and the album ‘Jack in the Box’.

Other members of the septet who’ve release collaborations recently include RM, who featured on Balming Tiger’s track ‘Sexy Nukim’; Jungkook featured on Charlie Puth’s song ‘Left and Right’; which Suga featured on and produced PSY’s ‘That That’.