Pierre Genisson - Clarinet-1580888631385
Pierre Genisson plays the clarinet. Image Credit: Supplied

Proving that classical music isn’t an acquired taste, but rather an instinctive one, Pierre Genisson (who plays the clarinet) and Maurizio Baglini (on the piano) are bringing masterpieces by Saint-Saens, Chausson, Schumann & Brahms on February 8. The duo will be performing Saint-Saens, Sonate op.167; Chausson, Andante et allegro; Debussy, Rhapsodi; Poulenc, Sonata; Schumann, Fantasiestucke op.73; and Brahms, Sonata op.120 n1 at the Royal Ballroom One & Only Royal Mirage, from 8pm to 10.30pm.

Tickets for the concert by the Dubai Concert Committee start at Dh263.