K-Pop idol Lisa’s legs is the latest quarantine meme to hit the internet.

The BlackPink member accidentally started a whole new internet ‘Did it Work?’ meme, crediting her thigh-high leather boots featured in a sultry dance cover of 6lack and Quin’s 2019 single ‘Mushroom Chocolate’ released on her personal YouTube channel.

Users soon jumped on the hilarious meme bandwagon by screenshotting her dance performance and cropping themselves, or other public figures, side-by-side to the K-Pop artist’s pair of thigh-high boots.

High-profile celebrities like Dolly Parton, Luke Evans, Stephen Colbert, Lil Nas X, and James Corden have also similarly taken part of the current meme craze and captioned “Did it Work?” in their posts.

In just a week, her video performance choreographed by Cheshir Ha and filmed by Anthony King has already amassed 17 million views.

Known for her dancing skills, YG Entertainment’s first non-Korean artist has been regularly posting dance covers on her YouTube account.

The Thailand-born rapper and dancer was a trainee under YG Entertainment before making her debut as a BlackPink member in August 2016. She is reportedly the most-followed K-Pop star on Instagram, amassing a whopping 32.4 million followers.

Aside from her group activities, Lisa is currently a mentor on Chinese talent show, ‘Youth With You’, alongside Cai Xukun, Jony J, and Ella Chen.

While Blinks are looking forward to solo music from Lisa, they are anticipating BlackPink’s collaboration with Lady Gaga.