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Singer Nam Tae-hyun has apologised for cheating on girlfriend, singer-songwriter Jang Jae-in, with another woman.

The former member of K-Pop band Winner uploaded a handwritten apology on his Instagram account a day after Jang accused him of cheating on her.

In the post, Nam apologised to both woman and for disappointing his fans.

On Friday, Jang exposed Nam via Instagram by posting screenshots of direct messages she received from a woman identified as ‘A’.

According to Jang, the unnamed woman, whom Nam had been dating at the same time, approached her after finding out that Nam lied to her and went to the movies with Jang in Seoul’s Yongsan District.

The now-deleted post, which showed conversations between the two women and between Nam and ‘A’, revealed that he had confessed to have broken up with Jang a month ago and claimed that the singer-songwriter was just a friend.

In the chat, the woman apologised to Jang and stated that she wouldn’t have started anything with him if she knew they were still dating.

Jang, who is known for competing in TV show ‘Superstar K: Season 2’ in 2010, also highlighted malicious comments from Nam’s fans and added that he caused trouble for her staff when he publicly revealed their romance during the time they were getting to know each other.

Jang later shut down her Instagram account.

In April, the pair went public with their romance after they started filming the Korean reality programme ‘Studio Vibes’, which began airing on May 1.

After the accusations, the show’s producers will reportedly edit out the couple’s parts.