IU 2
Singer-songwriter IU. Image Credit: Supplied

Singer-songwriter IU announced her new collaboration with singers Sam Kim and Kim Dong-ryul.

The artist shared the news with her fans on her personal Instagram account last Thursday.

IU participated as a lyricist for Sam Kim’s winter special duet track, ‘When You Fall’, featuring female vocalist Chai, and penned the lyrics from a woman’s perspective. The Korean-American singer-songwriter has previously composed IU’s 2017 track, ‘Ending Scene’, and the two have stayed in contact since then.

She also worked alongside veteran ballad singer Kim as a vocalist on his emotional duet, ‘Folktale’. Following the release of ‘When You Fall’, her second collaborative track will be released on December 7.

On October 28, IU kicked off her concert in Busan and will greet her fans in Hong Kong, Taipei, Thailand, and Singapore this month.

Dubbed as the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ in Korea, IU debuted when she was just 15 years old with the release of ‘Lost and Found’ in 2008. Born Lee Ji-eun, IU has since propelled to stardom and became one of South Korea’s most recognized singers.

Apart from releasing chart-topping songs, selling out concert tours, and winning accolades for her music, she expanded her artistry as an actress in notable roles in ‘The Producers’, ‘Dream High’, ‘Pretty Man’, ‘My Mister’ and more. She recently scored four awards in acting categories at the 2018 Asia Artist Award.