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Christmas is just a few days away. Aside from the reindeer headbands, ugly sweaters, and eggnog, one can’t go without some merry tunes to ring in the holidays. From solos and subunits to duets, get into the festive spirit with these essential wintery tunes:

1. BrandNew Music - ‘Melting’

Boy group AB6IX, trio Boys Da Capo and soloists Kang Min Hee, Yoda Young and Kanto — all signed under the agency BrandNew Music — teamed up on heart-warming single ‘Melting’ off the special holiday project album, ‘Do That BrandNew Thing’. The wintertime song opens with AB6IX’s Lee Dae-hwi’s narration and transforms into a heart-warming bop.

2. Twice – ‘Merry and Happy’


You can start off your K-Pop holiday playlist with some cheerful, upbeat music from one of Korea’s most popular girl groups. Much like the song’s title, it’s merry beats and sleigh bell sounds accompanied by the nine-member group’s sweet vocals will add a little extra joy to your festive day. Top it off by playing the Christmas party-themed music video in the background.

3. NCT U – ‘Coming Home ‘

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As part of the SM Entertainment’s ‘Station x 4 LOVEs for Winter (2019 SMTown Winter)’ project, NCT U’s vocalists — Taeil, Doyoung, Haechan and Jaehyun — lend their voices in the sentimental power ballad. One listen to ‘Coming Home’ and it will tug at your heartstrings and make you want to hug your loved ones.

4. Sung Si-kyung and IU – ‘First Winter’

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Nine years after their last collaboration, ballad singer Sung Si-kyung and powerhouse songstress IU reunited in new duet song, ‘First Winter’. IU always dominates our playlists with her melodious voice, and this new winter love ballad is no different. If you’re celebrating with your spouse or partner for the first time this year, then this love song is dedicated to you.

5. Exo – ‘What I Want For Christmas’


Christmas is not the same with listening to tracks off Exo’s winter releases. The popular group’s members continue to serenade us and bring us warmth with their emotive vocals and lyrics, solidifying their place in Exo-L fanbase’s hearts every winter. ‘What I Want For Christmas’ from their 2016 winter special album, ‘For Life’, always succeeds at doing just that.

6. Lovelyz – ‘Twinkle’


Off their third mini-album ‘Fall in Lovelyz’, the act’s uplifting pop number will add the joy of holiday festivities and get you moving on the dance floor. It’s all thanks to its seasonal tone and the girls’ vocals that makes it the perfect winter song.

7. BTS’ Jimin and Jungkook – ‘Christmas Day’

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Jimin and Jungkook will melt your hearts with their version of Justin Bieber’s original song ‘Mistletoe’. Released in 2014, the Korean version of the wintery tune is about wanting to spend Christmas with their ARMY fan base. While we wait for member V to release his song, titled ‘Happy Christmas’, let’s celebrate the season with the festive, upbeat track.

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8. BlackPink’s Rose – ‘The Christmas Song’

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Though Blinks have to wait for their favourite girl group’s comeback early next year, Rose gifted fans with an early Christmas present. The K-Pop artist covered a short modern rendition of Nat King Cole’s holiday classic, ‘The Christmas Song’ — a favourite of hers. The tune will have you gushing over her ethereal, angelic voice.