BTS’ RM (right) on the poster for ‘The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge’
BTS’ RM (right) on the poster for ‘The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge’ Image Credit: Courtesy of TVN

Rapper and producer RM, who is a member of South Korean super group BTS, is known for his intelligence and being an avid reader. So fans were excited to know that he would be part of variety show ‘The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge’.

Now, fans can rejoice because we finally have a release date for RM’s episodes. The rapper will be an MC on the educational show starting from December 2.

According to news portal Soompi, the show “is a journey that explores all human beings in the world from a variety of perspectives so that one may be able to find a new side” to themselves.

The poster for the tvN series was earlier revealed and also features other personalities who will be on the show — including RM’s co-MC, director Jang Hang-joon, novelist Kim Young-ha, physicist Kim Sang-wook, forensic scientist Lee Ho, and astronomer Dr Shim Chae-kyung.

RM, the leader of the group BTS, is also working on his next solo album. Other members are also said to be working on personal projects, months after it was announced that they would be temporarily pausing group activities.

Recently, it was also announced that the septet would be enlisting for their mandatory military service, starting with the oldest member Jin.