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Cardi B throws the microphone at someone in the audience. Image Credit: Twitter

Los Angeles: Cardi B is no stranger to controversies, and the singer has found herself in another one this time as she threw a mic on stage at the audience when some of them threw drinks on her. This happened during a small stint in Drai's Beach Club in Las Vegas.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the 'WAP' hitmaker was seen hurling the microphone onstage after getting splashed by a drink thrown by a fan, in a viral video shared to Pop Base Twitter on Saturday.

It wasn’t the first time either because this weekend the rapper, who just released her new track with her husband Offset titled 'Jealousy' decided to use her microphone for something other than singing. The night prior, Cardi was performing at Drai's Beach Club when she became irritated after the DJ was allegedly cutting off her songs too early.

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In a clip shared on social by a netizen, the entertainer was seen shouting out her name before turning around and flinging the microphone in the direction of the DJ as if she was throwing a football, before walking off stage.

The viral clip sees Cardi, born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, wearing a bright orange dress while performing on stage in the daylight hours, performing her 2018 hit 'Bodak Yellow', and raises the microphone up to her face for another verse, before suddenly a spray of liquid is seen hitting her in the face from a drink a cup in the audience.

Cardi appears shocked for a brief second, and then gets angry and swings into action as she proceeds to throw the microphone at someone in the audience, presumably the drink-tosser.

Meanwhile the soundtrack to her song along with her vocals continues on in the background. Cardi B is then seen fixing her hair as stage security appears to handle the situation in the crowd.

Fans in Las Vegas reportedly waited two hours amid massive heat before the star showed up to perform. The hip hop star reportedly even asked fans to throw water on her as she complained about the excessive heat in Sin City.

This won't be the first time this has happened, because at one point in 2022 audiences threw paper balls at her during a concert in the US, which left her angry making her yell horrible insults before storming off stage. This only left the audiences more amused rather than angry, although many did complain about wanting their money back.