Celebrate Halloween differently this year by dressing up like your favourite K-Pop artists. To help prepare you for the spooky day, here are seven outfits inspired by some of the most popular artists around that will make everyone take notice:

1. SuperM — The K-Pop Avengers


SuperM, the self-proclaimed ‘Avengers of K-Pop’, executed a strong debut with their arresting visuals and fashion-forward style. The supergroup’s name stands for terms like ‘master’, ‘matrix’ and ‘synergy’, so this look is the perfect way to make a statement in the city. Dress as one of your favourite SuperM member by replicating their outfits and, most importantly, their coloured hairstyle, just like Kai, Baekhyun, Taeyong and Taemin. Just like the seven-member group, you can also create your own music video in Dubai. So, practice those killer dance moves and get ready to blow everyone’s mind.

2. Mamamoo — Miss Ambiguous


If you’re a Mamamoo fan, then MooMoos this costume idea is definitely what you need this Halloween. The quartet debuted with this striking look for EP, ‘Hello’, fronted by popular jazzy, retro-infused title track, ‘Mr Ambiguous’, in 2014. Go back in time with this 60s style. Find a brightly coloured dress and place your finger near your nose with a moustache ring. Top it off with a big hat just like member Hwasa. Accessories are also optional.

3. Sunmi — Social Media Manic


Now this speaks louder than words! Sunmi is a style queen: she left quite an impression for her impeccable style and witty commentary on society’s social media obsession in electro-pop song, ‘Noir’, and its music video.

Perfect this striking imagery by either painting or placing emojis and social media-inspired stickers on your upper body and face. Add in creative clips of your choice on both sides of your two-sided ponytail. It will definitely get heads scratching on the ghoulish day.

4. Ateez — Military Cadets


Two words: fierce and commanding. This is Halloween inspiration at its finest. Ateez welcomed fans to their own ‘Wonderland’ with this mysterious yet bold style from their latest powerful comeback. The octet went back to their darker aesthetic and commanded another level of intensity with not only their aggressive performance but also their black military uniforms. This look works alone or with a group. Add military-esque embellishments and a sparkling mouth mask for maximum effect. March your way into your own wonderland on the eerie day.

5. Dream Catcher — K-Pop Goth Princesses

Dream Catcher-1572097217122

No K-Pop act does Halloween better than Dream Catcher. It’s no wonder since the K-Pop goth-inspired girl group are admired for their distinct punk-rock and heavy metal sounds and fantastical, aesthetic visuals. All you need is a leather coat and boots. You can go easy on the make-up or apply a few dark colours here and there. Play their songs, and it will pump you up just in time to get you in the mood.

6. Oneus — Modern-Day Princes


The rookie group — consisting of Ravn, Leedo, Keonhee, Seoho, Hwanwoong and Xion — embodied modern-day princes for EP, ‘Raise Us’. The K-Pop-inspired clothing is also a fit for Halloween and is easy to put together. Pick your favourite outfit that stands out for you. Wearing a wig or spraying temporary hair colour is also a plus. It’s that simple! So, grab your friends and be the knights in shining armour for the night.

7. BlackPink — Back to School Gals


Back-to-school concepts are often seen in K-Pop. It’s undeniably the easiest style to perfect so just rummage through your closet for old school uniforms. You can also mix and match and add that K-Pop touch with some make-up. BlackPink always manage to pull any concept or fashionable ensemble that’s given to them, even in their song ‘As If It’s Your Last’. They make school uniforms look super cool. Make it a trend this Halloween!