Filmmaker-screenwriter Jumana Radi and writer-director Mohammed Mamdouh
Filmmaker-screenwriter Jumana Radi and writer-director Mohammed Mamdouh Image Credit: Supplied

Calling all aspiring filmmakers — and anyone else who’s interested in the craft. A new community initiative has launched in Dubai that aims to “nurture and inspire storytellers at all stages of their artistic journeys.”

Kind Seminars is a film learning hub launched by writer-director Mohammed Mamdouh and filmmaker-screenwriter Jumana Radi, that will offer free community events “that aim to keep storytellers connected and inspired, allowing for networking as well as learning opportunities from established filmmakers as guest speakers,” as well as paid seminars.

It recently celebrated its launch event that featured an surprise virtual appearance by Hollywood director David Armstrong, who is best known as the cinematographer of the ‘SAW’ horror film franchise.

“As a young filmmaker in Dubai myself, it’s been a challenge to find artists to collaborate with on the regular, and continuous learning opportunities, while keeping my full-time job,” said Kind Seminars co-founder Radi in a statement to Gulf News. “This is where Kind Seminars stemmed from. Kind Seminars is a storytelling learning hub and community where artists of all levels can hone their craft, build connections and stay inspired. We’ve just launched and are providing a range of monthly seminars, some of which will be taught by Hollywood’s leading filmmakers, as well as community events.”

Mamdouh teaches film at the American University of Sharjah and hopes this initiative can inspire people to follow through with their dreams.

“Through the 15+ years that I’ve been a filmmaker living in the UAE, I’ve seen many people find a deep passion for storytelling and filmmaking, and then seen many of them park their dreams and go into other career paths that may offer more stability and financial security,” co-founder Mamdouh said. “Our aim is to be a home where these artists can learn from the experts as well as each other, and be nurtured and supported every step of the way.”

Their next events are a Foundations of Storytelling seminar — which Mamdouh reiterates is for filmmakers, journalists, marketers and more — and a Foundations of Filmmaking seminar.

Go online to register and for more details.