Kim Dong-wook surprises fans with wedding announcement
K-drama actor Kim Dong-wook surprises fans with wedding announcement. Image Credit: Delightfully Deceitful photo teaser

‘You Are My Spring’ actor Kim Dong Wook is getting married this coming winter.

On August 29, an exclusive news report on the South Korean news channel YTN went viral on social media. The report said that the 40-year-old actor would soon marry his non-celebrity fiancée, whom he was dating privately.

The report added that the actor has recently been sharing the good news with his closest acquaintances, in preparation for the wedding.

After the reports went viral, on August 30, Dong-wook's label KeyEast officially confirmed the actor's marriage plans.

“Hello. This is KeyEast. The bride-to-be is a non-celebrity with outstanding beauty, and the two of them have been continuing their sincere relationship based on trust and faith and are soon to bring [their relationship] to fruition with a beautiful marriage.

“In consideration of the non-celebrity fiancée and her family, the wedding ceremony will be held privately somewhere in Seoul. We ask for your understanding for not being able to disclose the exact date and location," the announcement read.

“We are deeply grateful to the many people who always support and love actor Kim Dong-wook, and we would be grateful if you could send warm congratulatory messages to Kim Dong-wook, who is at the starting point of a new journey.

"To repay the love sent to him, Kim Dong-wook will do his best as an actor to show you better activities in the future. Thank you,” the announcement added.

Born in 1983, Kim Dong Wook debuted in Korean entertainment in 2004 with the movie ‘A Crimson Mark’. He was seen in various dramas such as ‘Coffee Prince’, ‘Unstoppable Marriage’, ‘Maids’, and ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ series. He also starred in films including ‘National Representative’.

Recently, the actor was seen in main roles in ‘My Perfect Stranger’ and ‘Delightfully Deceitful’.

Fans congratulated the actor on social media.