Brad Kern Image Credit: Supplied

CBS Television Studios has fired veteran producer Brad Kern.

The studio confirmed that it terminated its relationship with the NCIS: New Orleans showrunner, which came after a series of allegations of misconduct in recent years.

“We have ended Brad Kern’s role as consulting producer on NCIS: New Orleans and his overall deal with the Studio,” a spokesperson for CBS Television Studios said in a statement.

Kern, whose career credits include series such as Charmed, Beauty and the Beast and Remington Steele, previously served as the executive producer and showrunner of NCIS: New Orleans.

He remained on the crime procedural as a consulting producer despite the company’s 2016 investigation of allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour on the set of the program.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on Tuesday that Kern was ousted after a third investigation began in June that looked into allegations of harassment, unprofessional conduct and vindictive behaviour by Kern.

However, the studio declined to comment on whether that was why it ended Kern’s deal.