Lee Ryan Image Credit: Agency

British pop star Lee Ryan has declared himself bankrupt while on tour with British boyband Blue.

The 31-year-old, currently on tour with bandmates Anthony Costa, Duncan James and Simon Webbe, has been forced to admit he’s unable to pay back his debts and will have all his assets frozen, reports mirror.co.uk

Ryan may also be interviewed by a member of the bankruptcy court, who will judge if he is in a position to repay any of the money he owes to creditors.

He is the last member of the band to have declared himself bankrupt with Costa, James and Webbe all having done so in the past.

Their company Blueworld Ltd fared a little better and was forced to close in May 2013.

It is thought that Ryan’s money troubles have been caused by Capquest Investments Limited, a firm that buys unpaid debts off credit card companies and uses a more “persuasive” method to reclaim it.