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This Jan. 5, 2017, file photo shows Jamie Foxx at the premiere of “Sleepless,” in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles: 'Star Wars' actor John Boyega has shared an update on Jamie Foxx's health condition after the actor was rushed to hospital.

The legendary actor was rushed to hospital in April this year after his daughter Corinne Foxx, 29, claimed he suffered from a "medical complication", reports Following his health issues, it is believed that Jamie, 55, spent time in a rehabilitation clinic after the incident which occurred while he was working on a new movie.

Sources close to the actor say he is "still not himself" but is said to be being treated by the best team to assist his recovery. Now, his friend and co-star John Boyega, 31, has offered an update just weeks after saying he hadn't heard from his close pal since the incident.

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"He's all good," he told ET Canada when asked if he had spoken to his friend, before going on to say: "So we're just going to wait for him to reappear when he wants to."

As per, last month, John explained that Jamie had "finally picked up the phone", before explaining that those around him were "giving him privacy" to recuperate in peace.

"I gave him the well wishes directly," he told People magazine: "(I) gave him all the well wishes, so I'm just gonna be waiting until he comes back out here. So take your time, Jamie. We love you, bro."

John starred alongside Jamie in the upcoming production, 'They Cloned Tyrone' which is scheduled to be released on the streaming platform on July 21 with the pair appearing alongside Teyonah Parris.