Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
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Hugh Jackman has reignited his friendly feud with Ryan Reynolds, this time through a cheeky video message that has enlisted a cop to do his bidding.

On Saturday, Jackman made yet another case to appear in ‘Deadpool 3’ cameo via a New York police officer.

In the 34-second clip, Jackman reveals that after realizing that officer John Dobkowski wasn’t going to ticket him for something he did, he decided to employ New York’s finest to send a message out to Reynolds.

“Hey, Ryan. You’ve got to get this guy [Jackman] in Deadpool 3, even if it’s for a ten-minute cameo. That would be awesome,” Jackman has Dombrowski say. “That movie will be so cool, so great, it will blow the box office.”

“Officer Dobkowski is doling out incredibly smart career advice for @VancityReynolds,” Jackman captioned the video. “Sharing is caring.”

While Reynolds has yet to respond to this reignited feud, the duo have engaged in cheek one-upmanship over the years, often to the delight of fans. Their most recent sparring saw Reynolds crash a Zoom meeting featuring the cast of the original ‘X-Men’ film featuring Jackman, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen and Patrick Stewart. The team had reunited as part of Global Citizen: Unite For Our Future benefit concert.

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The duo’s friendly feud began when Reynolds tried to convince Jackman to reprise his role as popular Marvel Comics character Wolverine one more time for a future ‘Deadpool’ movie after Jackman announced 2017’s ‘Logan’ would be his last outing as the ‘X-Men’ mutant.

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The couple did hit pause on their feud just long enough to raise funds for COVID-19 relief last year.